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The Young and The Restless Spoilers and May Sweeps Scoop!

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YoHarmony/Neil/Sofia: Things are a bit weird between YoHarmony and Mr. Goody Two-Shoes, after they share a kiss. Neil and Harmony attempt to fight their growing feelings; unfortunately for the the pair, Sofia may be onto them! She notices the tension when they all run into each other at Crimson Lights. Harmony decides to throw Sofia off by introducing Sarge as her boyfriend (Who didn't see THIS coming?!). Sofia is no dummy and a cheater knows her own kind. The business woman is not about to let a recovering crackhead  take her man!


Nick/Phyllis: Phick fans rejoice. The two start to sketch out their future together.

Victor/Michael/Lauren: Mr. Mumbles balks at meeting the legal eagle half way, which infuriates Lauren. She decides to take matters into her own hands.

Daisy/Lauren: No sooner than Michael finally convinces Lauren it's safe to bring Fen home, Daisy pops up at Fenmore's department store looking to cause trouble! Both Jill and Lauren tell the milquetoast sociopath to hit the bricks, which she refuses. When Jill goes off to an opposite section of the store, Daisy issues a threat to Lauren about Fen! A fed up Lauren pulls out a piece and holds it on Daisy! 

Jill is able to prevent Lauren from busting a cap in Daisy (Why, Jill?!), however the police arrive and book Lauren for assault with a deadly weapon. Michael is stunned by his wife's actions. Look for the Baldwins to be at huge odds over this latest stunt.

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Old' Smilin Jack's youngest son (Yep, we still remember Keemo!) returns to Genoa City, throwing a huge wrench in his relationship with Nikki.

Tucker/Ashley: The rebel billionaire's past with Genaura Genevieve is discovered by his wife.

Cane: The Aussie con man is grilled by the SEC.

May Sweeps

Victor/Nikki/Jack/Kyle: Even though The Black Knight  came out on top by snagging Beauty of Nature, Jack has walked away with the one thing Victor can't let go of: Nikki! Look for Victor to use Kyle's animosity towards Nikki to his own advantage. When Kyle makes it clear he isn't happy about his dad being involved with the woman who killed his mother, Jack will have to choose between his boy and his lady love!

Genevieve/Tucker/Ashley: Mr. McCall's past with the mob moll is revealed, causing major drama in his already strained marriage to Ashley. Did Ash everly really know Tucker as much as she thought she did? Don't look for Tucker to give up on this marriage without a fight.

Nick/Phyllis: Phick fans are going to be giddy as a fat kid in a candy store. Nick and Phyllis are determined to stay true to one another this go around, however Phyllis' intense jealousy of Sharon could muck everything up, not to mention some of her past sins coming back to haunt her.

Chelsea/Adam/Sharon: Child, the slonkey's days of being the Newman black sheep's obsession are over! Adam is all about the scheming Ms. Chelsea now. Look for Sharon to find a new man's shoulder to cry on. This relationship will tear Genoa City apart...