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Why ABC Needs to Get The Revolution Off The Air Before July

Is it any wonder all of ABC Daytime's lineup is suffering? The Mouse House's entire daypart, save for The View, is being dragged to the depths by a pair of "lifestyle series" former daytime executive Brian Frons developed to replace ABC's long-running soap stable.


The Revolution hit another series low for the week of April 9. The now cancelled talk show was only watched by 1.19 million viewers for the week! One Life to Live, the soap opera that was gutted to make room for this crap, was watched by 2.5 million in the same timeslot a year ago, according to TV Media Insights.

I dare any know-it-all, TV industry spin doctor—posing as a blog reader—to log in and make the case in the comments that it was still smart business for ABC to cancel OLTL. Any dote can see it would have made much more sense to cut OLTL's production budget—however drastically it would have needed to have been cut—and have aggressively figured out a backend via VOD, DVD sales, etc. in order to continue producing a much more successful soap opera in this slot.

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The Chew also continued to slide, though not nearly at a rate as alarming as The Revolution's. The foodfest was only watched by 1.99 million total viewers the week in question. In the same timeslot one year ago, AMC was watched by 2.34 million viewers. The Chew, which like The Revolution, came on the heels of all this Fronsian dictated "research" about what today's women want from their TV experience, is off AMC's women 18-49 demos by 25 percent. Sorry Frons, you ain't no Mel Gibson and you never had a clue what women wanted. But then again, Mel Gibson ain't no Mel Gibson anymore, so I guess that was a bad example...

With General Hospital's ratings affected by its dismal lead-in, the only ratings positive on ABC Daytime for the week in question was The View, which was watched by 3.53 million viewers. ABC needs to get The Revolution off the air now. The rest of its lineup can't wait until July.

Why not put back-to-back re-runs of Modern Family in there? Call it Modern Family: Beginnings and air two eppys a day until Good Morning Miss American Bliss in The Afternoon premieres. If Little House on The Prairie re-runs could beat Martha Stewart on Hallmark, The Pritchett-Dunphy's can best Tim Gunn and friends, thus providing GH a decent lead-in.

Over at CBS, The Talk was watched by 2.16 million viewers, which improved on its numbers year-to-date by 17 percent.

Photo credit: ABC