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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke’s on the phone with Ethan when Lulu shows up looking for help.  She explains how she pointed the finger at Eddie, but now doesn’t think he was responsible. Luke reminds her that people lie all the time. However, she’s sure Eddie was telling the truth.  Lulu thinks she knows who the guilty party is. Luke tells her to talk to Dante, but Lulu says it’s Dante’s friend Ronnie.  She explains that police found the photos in Eddie’s closet, but he seemed surprised by them. 

Luke warns her to proceed with caution and not to get in over her head. He says to explain it to Dante the way she explained it to him.  As Lulu’s leaving, she spots the photos of Robin and asks about them.  Luke says Anna is staying with him, that he’s helping her.  Lulu asks if he’s told Anna the truth about Robert not being Ethan’s father. Will she’ll feel more betrayed since they’re staying together. 

Michael tells Carly that Kate is throwing a birthday party for Sonny.  Carly thinks it’s in bad taste, considering Sonny was just acquitted. Carly is now believing Sonny’s innocence, but Michael wonders why she’s dating the guy who could be framing sonny.  Michael asks if Carly’s coming to the party. At first she declines, but then decides to come to support Michael. She promises to keep Johnny away. 

Alexis gives Sonny papers, declaring to be cleared of all charges.  She asks if he’s heard from Kristina, which he hasn’t.  Alexis is still concerned about Kris finding out how she got into Yale. Sonny reassures her that only the two of them and Kate know the truth.  Connie’s gleefully listening at the door.

Connie calls Johnny asking to revisit her plan to get back at sonny, but Johnny isn’t interested.  Dante and Ronnie show up and let Johnny know that they got a tip about an organ selling operation out of the hospital and how his name was mentioned.  Johnny denies all knowledge and tells them to come back with a warrant.  Dante warns him not to leave town, since the car accident investigation has been reopened. 

Sam wants Jason to talk about the paternity issue, to take its power away. However, Jason’s concerned about the baby turning out like Franco.  Sam says they’re in this together. She wanted to protect him.  Jason says he doesn’t want to be protected.  Sam decides they need to get past this. What they do now and their attitude towards the baby matters. 

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Back at the station, Ronnie wants to shut the book on Eddie. However, Dante says he isn’t sure of Eddie’s guilt.  Dante says he’s going to Sonny’s party. Ronnie warns him not to get too close to his father and compromise his job.  Ronnie says they have each other’s backs. 

Connie tells Sonny that she wants this party to be special, but worries about Johnny finding a way to get to him.  Sonny reassures her that he’s dealt with Johnny.  Sonny listens as Connie calls Jason and apologizes for her behavior. She hopes they can make things work. She doesn’t want to come between Jason and Sonny again.  She hopes he’ll make it to the party.  Sam wants to go to distract them from their problems. 

Johnny yells at his people on the phone and then tears up his place until Carly shows up. Carly wonders why he’s in a rage. Johnny says it’s a business deal gone bad and Sonny’s responsible.  Carly’s sorry that Sonny didn’t listen to her when she told him to leave Johnny alone.  She wants Johnny to stop the war. What they have is real and that she cares about him. 

Johnny says he’s always been attracted to her, but more so now that he knows she’s a woman of courage and compassion. He thanks her for all she’s done for him.  He says he tends to self destruct. Carly admits she does too.  Carly wants them to be happy and they kiss.  She leaves for the party. 

At the party, Alexis and Michael make small talk about Kristina.  Dante tells Michael they’re focusing on who caused the accident, since it wasn’t Sonny.  Sonny’s glad his boys could make it.  Michael tells him that Carly is coming without Johnny. 

Alexis asks Sam how she is and to tell her what’s going on. Sam refuses to talk about it.  Sonny tells Jason to let things go with Kate. Her shrink says she’s fine, but Jason doesn’t think she is. 

Johnny calls Sonny and says he knows Sonny was the one who had his guys picked up.  Sonny calls Johnny an embarrassment to his grandfather and couldn’t even frame him right.  Johnny says he’ll make Sonny pay and will hit him where it hurts, straight in the heart. 

Back at the PCPD, Lulu has the list of stripper’s names, the dates they were attacked and checks the computer database for the days Ronnie was working.  Ronnie catches her and asks what she’s up to.  

Sonny’s looking for Kate, who went to get the cake.  Connie goes wackadoo on the cake, destroying it with the knife and then shows up at Johnny’s door.