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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke calls Lulu and reminds her to tell Dante about her suspicions of Ronnie. He says to stay away from Ronnie. Carly shows up to complain about Luke’s expenses. She accuses him of starting the war between Johnny and Sonny. Luke says Johnny is using her. Carly says what they have is real. She says Johnny is a good man who accepts her. Luke says she’s fixated on him, because she can’t have her ex.

Ronnie catches Lulu looking at the duty roster. She covers by saying she was wondering about Dante’s work schedule. Ronnie tells her that Dante’s gone to the party. He feels they have the right guy. When Ronnie leaves, Lulu double checks the roster again. She sees that Ronnie was off duty on the night of each attack.

Connie wants to get it on with Johnny. He has no interest in sleeping with her, until she starts telling him how Sonny’s bragging about stopping Johnny’s latest business venture. Connie says Sonny will now frame Johnny for the car accident and that he doesn’t have the balls to steal Sonny’s girlfriend. Johnny doesn’t want to hurt Carly, which Connie doesn’t understand.

Sam talks about how the Quartermaines will react to finding out about Franco. Jason decides he can’t handle talking about it. Alexis mentions how excited Molly is and has been picking out names. Jason walks away from her. Alexis wonders if the baby is okay. Sam assures her that it is. Alexis wants to know what’s wrong between them. Sam says they will work it out. Alexis says she knows Sam doesn’t want to share her issues, but that she’ll listen when Sam does.

Olivia thanks Sonny for dealing with Johnny, but is still worried that Johnny could blow the whistle on Steve. Sonny assures her that Johnny is only after him. Sonny goes off to find Kate. She finds the mutilated cake instead. He remembers Johnny’s threat and calls Kate. Connie hesitates before answering and then yells out “Johnny, no” before hanging up.

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Michael and Dante discuss the case and how it turned out. Dante wonders about Michael’s relationship with Starr. Michael says he wanted to help her since he understand what she’s going through. He asks Dante to find whoever caused the accident, especially if it was Johnny.

Michael and Jason talk about Starr. Michael was happy with the verdict, having decided that Sonny was innocent. He talks of the father/son connection and tells Jason that he’ll make a great dad. It takes a special person to raise another man’s son, like Jason did with Michael.

Michael talks to Sam. He tells her she can put the bad stuff behind her now that Franco is dead. Alexis talks to Jason about whatever issues he and Sam have. She tells him that if he doesn’t shut out Sam, she won’t confide in McBain again.

Carly tells Luke that she isn’t still hung up on Sonny. He was talking about Jax and says Johnny isn’t a substitute. He accuses Carly of wanting to hang onto Jax for the money. However, Carly says she has her own and her feelings for Johnny are real. Luke wonders how it will be when they’re relationship gets tested. He says bullets and love don’t mix. He doesn’t want to see her hurt.

Johnny’s angry with Connie. She says he can either go along with her plan and have Sonny think they’re together or her can pretend Johnny was attacking her. Johnny figures he has no choice and the two start making out and head upstairs.

Dante gets a call from Ronnie about Steve, which Olivia overhears. The two head back to the PCPD, where Ronnie tells Dante that one of the guys caught in the organ ring has fingered Steve. Olivia gets a call from Heather saying the Memphis police are at Steve’s apartment. Before Lulu gets a chance to tell Dante what she knows about Ronnie, Dante and Olivia head to Steve’s.

Lulu heads out and Ronnie follows her.

Sonny gets to Johnny’s apartment and finds him and Connie in bed together.