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ABC Daytime and SOAPnet Marketing Veep, Last of Frons' Minions, OUT!

Say buh-bye to Adam Rockmore, former senior vice-president of marketing for ABC Daytime and SOAPnet. He is no longer employed by the Mouse House. According to my sources, Rockmore is telling people he quit the gig — much like his ex-boss Brian Frons quit.


For those who didn't know, Rockmore was the dude who came up with the disastrous "Real Greenlee" campaign for the return of Rebecca Budig to All My Children in 2008.

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Rockmore, who allegedly told anyone who would listen he wasn't a "big soap fan" (So why was he ever hired to market a channel dedicated to them?), had a background in lifestyle and foodie programming. He oversaw all marketng efforts to transition ABC Daytime away from soaps, and into a hub for shows like The Chew and The Revolution. Good riddance!