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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny accuses Johnny of getting Kate alone, drugging her and taking advantage of her.  He declares it’s the last time Johnny will take anything from him.  Sonny says Johnny’s leaving in a body bag, since he’s not going to let him live after this.  He tries to get Kate out of bed, but Connie says she isn’t going with him. She’s right where she wants to be. 

Ewen leaves another message for Kate. He then lets Elizabeth know he’s going out looking for a patient who refused to show up to be committed. 

Carly shows up at the party. Michael apologizes for guilting her into coming.  Carly says she’ll always be connected to Sonny, but cares for Johnny.  She says the feud between them needs to end. 

Carly snarks to Sam that she and Jason made up, despite Sam’s lies.  Sam’s not interested in talking to Carly. Carly wonders who Sam talks to.  Carly says keeping secrets causes problems. Jason wonders if Alexis is talking about Sam running into McBain at the church. Jason interrupts and Carly leaves.  Jason asks Sam when she saw McBain. 

McBain shows up at Sonny’s with a present.  Max opens it. It’s a framed newspaper article.  John also has an FBI warrant to search the house. He heads off on his own to look around. Ewen arrives, distracting Max.  Ewen demands to know where Kate is. Max refuses to tell him and kicks him out.  McBain says he saw what he needed to and to  let Sonny know that he was there. 

Michael finds the cake destroyed and no sign of Kate or Sonny.  He tells Carly, who figures Kate was upset that the cake wasn’t perfect and isn’t surprised that Sonny bailed on his own party.  Michael says Kate has been tense lately. He thinks something is going on, but Carly doesn’t care.  She leaves to go to Johnny’s. 

Sam explains running into McBain at Alexis’.  Jason reminds her that John has a grudge against Sonny and that he’ll use her to get to Sonny.  Sam swears she’ll be careful in the future.  Michael tells them about the cake.  Jason decides to go looking for sonny and leaves with Michael.

Alexis is upset that Jason left a pregnant Sam alone at the party.  Sam says he’s dealing with something and is upset with Alexis for telling Jason about McBain.  Alexis claims she needs to know Sam’s secrets in order to keep them.  She offers to drive Sam home, but Sam wants to wait for Jason.  Alexis offers to wait with her, but Sam assures her everything will be okay.

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Michael and Jason get back to Sonny’s. Max tells them about McBain and Ewen showing up.  Jason asks how Kate’s been lately. Max agrees she’s been tense.  Michael heads back to the party. Alexis’ asks him about Jason.  Michael says Jason’s tired of all the baby talk and tells Alexis about McBain showing up at Sonny’s with a warrant. 

Jason goes to the hospital to talk to Ewen.  Liz says he’s out looking for a patient.  Jason asks her about the day she saw Sam and the guy. He shows her a picture of McBain and asks if that’s who Sam was talking to.  Liz says yes. 

Sam stands on the hotel balcony, talking to her baby about stars and how she feels safe with Jason.  She feels Jason will be a great father and doesn’t want to lose him.  She asks for a sign that she won’t lose Jason.  She turns to find John McBain.

Connie claims she didn’t want Sonny to find out this way.  Johnny jumps in and says it’s been going on for weeks.  Sonny can’t wrap his head around Kate throwing him a birthday party, then ducking out to join Johnny.  Connie says she can’t stop and that’s why she was working with Ewen. 

Connie says Sonny should leave.  Johnny taunts Sonny about how it feels to get what he deserves. He says he’s touched Sonny’s girlfriend and there’s nothing Sonny can do.  Sonny pulls out his gun and says he can kill them both.   Connie tells him to put the gun down, because he loves her.  Sonny says he doesn’t care about her anymore. She’s a faithless whore; Johnny is using her and he has nothing left to lose.

Connie tells him to think about his kids.  Sonny wonders who he should shoot first.  Carly shows up and lets herself into the apartment. She hears two gunshots and runs upstairs to find Sonny with the gun.  She asks what he’s done, but Sonny walks away.  Carly walks into the room and finds Johnny and Connie still in bed together. 

Johnny swears it’s not what it looks like.  Connie claims it’s none of Carly’s business.  Carly says she thought she’d find Johnny dead when she heard the gunshots. Sonny could have killed them both.  Connie swears Sonny wouldn’t have shot them, well, at least not her. 

Carly insists Johnny explain how he ended up in bed with Kate. Johnny says he got angry and pushed back at Sonny. She was never supposed to be hurt. Connie calls Carly an idiot, so Carly starts to go at her.  Johnny tells “Connie” to shut up and Carly questions the name “Connie”.