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Queen of Soapy Novels, Jackie Collins Publishes New eBook Version of The Bitch!


Every media professional has his or her ultimate icon. Oprah has Maya Angelou. Tyler Perry has Oprah. For me, that person is mega best-selling author Jackie Collins.

From the moment I first watched the steamy, sudsy 1990 miniseries Lucky Chances (starring soapers Vincent Irizarry, Nicollette Sheridan, Eric Braeden, Michael Nader, Phil Morris and Leanne Hunley)—and then begged my grandmother to take me to the nearest town with a Walden Books so I could buy the two novels it was based on—I was hooked. Collins' patented brand of sexually-charged page-turners, featuring unforgettable protagonists like Gino and Lucky Santangelo in the Santangelo Family Crime Novels, Al King in Lovers and Gamblers and Fontaine Khaled in The Bitch, inspired me to write my own stories (More on that in the coming months!).  

Ever a trailblazer, Collins recently stunned the publishing world when she decided to re-publish The Bitch, her 1979 classic about the scandalous, London club scene, as an eBook. The updated version of the tantalizing tome is set in present day Las Vegas (One of Collins' fave, fictional stomping grounds!) and shows that even after having written 28 New York Times Best-Sellers, Collins remains on the cutting edge!

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Here's what she shared on her blog about her decision to do an eBook:

Let me say up front that I will personally always love physical books. I love how a new book feels in your hands.  I love turning the pages one-by-one as you curl up in a chair and engross yourself in the story.

But I also know that to stay successful, you’ve always got to be thinking two steps ahead of the game.  And by all counts, the book industry is going the way of the CD industry. Almost nobody buys CDs anymore; we get our music fix on iTunes.

And more and more people are opting for eBooks over paper. For example, with Goddess of Vengeance, I think we sold an equal amount of hard covers and eBooks.

And in England, they just bought the digital rights to all my books and Lethal Seduction immediately jumped to #2 on the bestseller’s list. That’s a book that’s 10-years-old! I was quite impressed with that.

To download a copy of The Bitch click here!