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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly wants to know why Johnny would call Kate “Connie.” Connie claims its Johnny’s pet name for her because he appreciates her wild side. Carly wonders how Johnny could have done this to her, despite his claims that this isn’t what she thinks. Carly says he betrayed her. She accuses Kate of going after everything in her life. Carly’s angry that she defended Johnny to everyone. Nothing he says now will make it ok.

Heather tells Dante and Olivia that Memphis police showed up and arrested Steven for murder. She’s certain he isn’t one. She doesn’t want him punished for something he didn’t do. Olivia claims Heather is overreacting and actually slaps Heather. Olivia tells her to pull it together. She tells Heather to go lie down.

Spinelli’s hanging out at the movie theatre, talking to himself about the possibility of Matt being Lisa’s murderer. He wonders what the Avengers would do and talks to their poster. Matt and Cameron show up to see the movie. They discuss who the better Avenger is. Spinelli brings up the night of the murder again.  Matt defends Patrick again, saying he was with him. Matt tells Spin to let it go and find another suspect.

Liz wonders why Jason is so angry. He spouts on about Sam lying to him about McBain. McBain’s a cop and that he thought Sam was alone dealing with the DNA sample, but she wasn’t. Liz wonders why Sam would need a DNA sample. Jason admits the baby isn’t his.

Sam wonders at the irony that she asked for a sign and got John instead. John says he’s crashing the party. He asks if she told Jason the truth. Sam explains that Jason was devastated and that it’s all too much to handle. She says Jason never answered her when she asked if he could love this baby. John says none of this is her fault. The best part of the baby is her.

John tells Sam that she has the right to handle this anyway she needs to. Sam doesn’t like keeping secrets, but that she hasn’t told Jason about the number of times she’s run into John around town. John says he’s been happy to help her. He is sorry if that caused a problem. Sam wonders why the universe is throwing them together, like they’ve known each other before.

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Sam asks why he’s still in PC. John says he has to finish his investigation and that the connection between them will be over after he’s dealt with Sonny. Sam thanks him for letting her talk to him. John tells her to look after herself.

Heather eavesdrops, as Olivia explains to Dante what happened with Steve in Memphis. She says it was over until Johnny stirred things up. Dante realizes that Johnny was holding it over his head and understands the organ stealing ring. Olivia swears that Steve is a good man and shouldn’t be put away for life.

Dante makes a call and finds out that Steve is in custody, in Memphis. He tells Olivia to talk to Alexis. Olivia begs him to go down to Memphis and talk to the police. Dante agrees to go, but tells her to stay and take care of Heather. Dante leaves a phone message for Lulu.

Johnny tries to explain to Carly, who thinks he and Kate have been sleeping together for months. He says he only wanted to get one over on Sonny. Carly figures that’s also the reason he was sleeping with her. She storms off. Connie’s happy that this is the end of Kate and Sonny. However, Johnny’s upset that it’s the end for him and Carly. Connie decides she wants more of Johnny. Unfortunately, he’s not interested, saying she got what she came for. He yells at her that it’s done. Kate emerges and is upset to find herself in Johnny’s room.

Kate realizes that Connie took over and begs Johnny to tell her what happened. She wants to know what kind of person takes advantage of someone in her condition. Johnny says Connie wouldn’t take no for an answer and that Sonny saw them, as did Carly. Kate says she has to explain to Sonny and runs out.

Liz is shocked to hear that Franco raped Sam, but understands Sam’s need to shower and pretend it never happened. Jason realizes this is bringing up bad memories for her and apologizes. Liz says she understands what they’ve been going through. Liz assures him that he can love the baby, just like Lucky loved Jake. Jason can still be a good father. She reminds him of Michael, but Jason says it was different, Michael needed him. Liz says this baby will need him too. Jason says the confiding in McBain is the bigger problem.

Jason tells her about Sam meeting John at the church, but didn’t tell him about the DNA sample. Liz says Sam was trying to protect him and soften the blow, something Jason doesn’t want to hear. Liz tells him to talk to Sam. She want him to be honest with her about how he feels. Jason heads back to the hotel, while Liz prays for Robin to watch over Jason.

Sonny sits and drinks, while remembering good times with Kate. Later on, he lights a fire with the coat she gave him and the blueprints of the restaurant they were planning. Carly shows up. Sonny says it’s not a good time, but Carly wants to wish him a happy birthday. Sonny puts the blame on Johnny. Carly says Kate threw herself at Johnny and she was in complete control.

Sonny says Johnny wasn’t the man Carly thought he was. Carly says it doesn’t matter who was responsible, they both betrayed. She wonders what to do about it. Sonny says he could have killed them both and doesn’t know what to do. Carly says she has an idea, to fight fire with fire and they kiss.