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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor and Sharon Get Hot, Heavy and...GROSS!

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Victor/Sharon: Lord in the morning, heaven in the evening and hell at night! The Black Knight and his slonkey (Slut and Donkey for the uninitiated!) ex-daughter-in-law/ex-wife are about to get romantic. I just threw up a little in my mouth while typing that sentence. Yes kids, the mystery man Sharon will decide to saddle up to next is none other than Victor Newman!

Look for Nick, Adam and Nikki—not to mention the soap's fans—to be disgusted by this latest turn of events. This romance isn't a joke, or a plot to get back at their respective exes either — it's the real deal! After screwing Nick's brother, his stepfather and his stepfather's brother, Sharon will now take her high school sweetheart's father to bed. Expect this unseemly exchange to play out for some time, with Victor wining and dining Sharon, lavishing her with gifts, etc. So much for Sharon becoming a strong woman again...

Jack/Nikki/Victor/Kyle: Old Smilin' Jack is not about to let the socialite go, after waiting all these years to have her by his side again. Victor, despite being busy with Sharon, will find the time to use Jack's own son to exact revenge. 

Nick/Phyllis: Red is pregnant! Nick is floored, but ecstatic about having a new baby on the way. Phyllis is understandably hesitant, given their track record, but eventually they decide to get hitched again! 

Nick break the news to Sharon, who isn't thrilled, but puts up a front. Things look like they're starting to go well for Phick, until an unexpected medical emergency threatens their newfound happiness!

Victor/Michael/Lauren: Lauren is outraged when Victor fires Michael because of her. Since Michael missed taking care of the SEC for Victor—because of Lauren's own legal woes— Mr. Mumbles decides to replace him with Avery! Lauren storms into Victor's office, demanding he give Michael another chance. When he refuses, she quits the Newman board.

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