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Was The CW's L.A. Complex The Biggest Debut Flop in TV History?

And you thought Homeboyz in Outer Space was bad! The CW's new soap opera The L.A. Complex premiered Tuesday night to just  646,000 viewers, which according to, resulted in the "lowest-rated in-season broadcast drama debut on record"!

The Canadian import about a group of young adults pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles, was 40 percent below Ringer's numbers in the same timeslot among adult viewers. I was one of those almost 650K watchers and I have to say, I was not impressed.


The pilot was an uninspired rip off of Melrose Place, complete with a motel-style apartment complex, centered around a pool.In an attempt to make things fresh, the series' producers added menacing rappers—who sounded like French pirates—a racist, aging actress and a lead storyline about a girl who pukes all over a producer she's trying to impress, due to morning after pill-induced nausea. Charming.

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Did you watch The L.A. Complex? If so, tell us what you thought about it in the comments!

Photo credit: The CW