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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kate is determined to find Sonny and explain what really happened.  She accuses Johnny of having sex with her against her will.  Johnny says she was willing and eager. However, Kate says it was Connie and Johnny knew it.  She’ll tell Sonny that Johnny took advantage of her illness.  He points out that he lost Carly too. Kate reminds him that he knew what he was doing and hopes Carly never forgives him.  As she’s leaving, Ewen arrives. 

Carly wants Sonny to make love to her like Johnny and Kate did.  They head for the stairs, but for the first time EVEVER, Sonny’s thinking with the head on his shoulders and stops.  He says neither of them wants this. Nothing will change what happened.  Carly says she wants Johnny to feel betrayed. She asks if Sonny loves Kate.  Sonny says it doesn’t matter, because it was all a lie. 

McBain shows up at Anna’s and trades barbs with Luke.  Apparently Luke think John reminds him of a vampire with his dark, brooding looks.  Anna admits that he does look like an old soul. John wonders if that’s how he knows Sam.  He mentions running into Sam every time she’s in crisis. Anna feels Jason won’t like it.  John says something in Sam’s eyes is familiar to him. 

Sam’s glad to see Jason back, but he says there’s something wrong and that they’re falling apart.  Sam assures him they can get through anything and be a family together. However, Jason complains that he was kept in the dark. He hated her going through this alone, only to find out she hadn’t. 

Tracy has Anthony sign papers for stock options and hides divorce papers amongst them. However, Anthony catches on and reminds her that he has the evidence to put her in jail.  Luke shows up. Tracy talks about being stuck with Anthony unless someone bumps him off.  Luke reminds her someone already tried with the shooting of the tires. If she waits long enough someone is bound to try again.  Tracy doesn’t want to wait that long, so Luke asks if she’s asking him to kill her husband.  Tracy says he has resources and he owes her.  Luke refuses and says something will occur to her. 

Ewen says Connie has had her fun and now it’s time to head to Shadybrook.  Kate points out that she isn’t Connie. She explains that she woke up in Johnny’s bed after she had sex with him.  She’s worried what Sonny thinks and wants to stop off at Sonny’s before going to the hospital. However, Ewen’s concerned that Connie will resurface. Kate agrees to go to Shadybrook. 

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Carly feels Johnny played her and fed her lies.  Sonny doesn’t understand Kate’s motive. He wonders why she would have stood up for him in court and thrown him a party, just to pull this.  Carly figures Kate just didn’t want to seem shallow.  Sonny wonders who trashed the cake and needs an explanation.  Carly says Johnny picked Sonny’s birthday night. She reminds him that the night that Claudia lost it, it was her birthday as well.  Sonny asks why Kate would have gone along with it and does she hate him that much. 

Jason insists Sam tell him if the guy she was talking to at the hospital was McBain. Sam admits that it was.  Sam says John gave her the DNA sample. She admits she told him the whole story while at Alexis’. She also admits that she saw him on the pier when she got the results and tonight after the party. 

Anthony pays Johnny a visit, saying he heard that the hospital operation was shut down.  Johnny says he’s paid Sonny back. He slept with Kate and Sonny walked in.  Anthony’s thrilled, saying they need to muscle in on Sonny’s organization now that he’s distracted.  Talk turns to Claudia. Johnny points out that the situations are similar. Kate was not a willing participant. He took advantage of a mentally ill woman.  Anthony reminds him that Kate came onto him and Sonny got what he deserves.  Johnny says Kate is not a sane woman. He let his hatred of Sonny mess him up. He’ll now pay for what he’s done. 

Anthony warns him not to say anything to Carly, but Johnny says it’s too late.  Anthony says not to go soft, because Johnny always sabotages himself. He’ll find another woman.  Johnny calls Carly again to beg her to listen to his side of the story. 

Anna tells John that they need Jason to turn on Sonny, but using his wife isn’t a good idea.  John swears he would never use Sam. The meetings have been by accident.  He feels for her and what she’s going through.  Anna asks about Natalie. John says he told her about his sister and she understands why he has to get Sonny.  He tells Anna the whole story.  Anna questions how he’s going to build a case against Sonny. John says he’ll make Sonny confess to what he did.  John asks if she’ll help him. She agrees, so long as he stops the running into Sam. 

At the hospital, Ewen asks how Connie manifested herself. He asks about the party, something Kate knows nothing about. She realizes she’s lost a full day.  She can’t believe she slept with Johnny and worries that Sonny won’t forgive her.  Ewen says she has a mental illness. It wasn’t her fault. However, Kate says nothing will erase that image from Sonny’s mind.  Ewen offers to call Sonny to explain things to him. 

Sonny says things have been off with Kate for weeks. Carly explains that Kate was sneaking around after Johnny. She no longer wanted to deal with Sonny’s life.  He explains how he showed up at the restaurant and Kate had left with another man and wonders who that was.  He gets a call from Ewen. Carly asks if Kate has been sleeping with Ewen as well.  Sonny says Kate was seeing him professionally. Jason also mentioned thinking something was off with Kate.  Carly says Kate was just trying to unload her guilt, to cut Kate out and never look back. 

Ewen tries again to call Sonny. However, Connie emerges and smacks him over the head, knocking him out.  She takes her file and leaves. 

Jason’s angry that John would know the truth before him. However, Sam says John helped her make the decision to read the results and deal with it.  She wonders if this is all about Jason’s inability to love the baby. Jason tells her not to turn this around on him, that she’s been lying to him and to go talk to McBain.