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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Before Elizabeth has a chance to find Ewen in his office, Spinelli interrupts her. He asks for help with Maxie. Spin says he’s found the real killer and that it’s Matt. Liz thinks he’s crazy, because it doesn’t make sense. Spin says Matt was drunk and suppressed the memory. Spin suggests hypnosis, but Liz talks sense into him. Spin says he has to confront Matt.

Matt shows up at Patrick’s and lets him know that Maxie’s sentencing is today; there’s nothing he can do. Matt says Maxie wants to be punished. He then says he teamed up with Spinelli to find the real killer. He explains to Patrick how Spin thought it was Ewen. Now Spin thinks its Patrick, who’s repressed the memory. Matt says he knows his brother is innocent. Patrick offers to go to the courthouse with Matt, but Matt declines. He offers to come back later.

Alexis reassures Mac that she’ll try to get a lighter sentence for Maxie. He doesn’t understand how it came to this. Maxie is led in with handcuffs on, which Mac removes for her. Maxie understands that this is hard for him, but she needs to face the music. Alexis says she’ll defend Maxie, no matter how hard she makes it.

Maxie says she can’t stand seeing Mac like this, but that this is for the best. He says he’s watched her grow up and wonders how this can be for the best. He’ll always think of her as his little girl and nothing she does will make him stop loving her. Maxie says he was the best dad and that though none of them were his, it never felt that way. Mac wonders why she isn’t fighting this, but Maxie says she’ll be forever grateful to him.

Dante’s trying to find Lulu, but she’s nowhere to be found and isn’t answering her texts. Ronnie jokes about Lulu, but it turns out he has her phone. He mutters to himself that Lulu won’t be coming to work today. Dante says Lulu felt Eddie was innocent, but Ronnie says Lulu isn’t a cop and she’s way off base.

Anna’s going to the courthouse to support Mac. She tells Luke that Mac devoted his life to those girls and she doesn’t know how much more he can take. Anna asks him to come and keep her company, but Luke gets a call from Tracy. She’s taken matters into her own hands when it comes to Anthony and says she made him breakfast with something special in it. Luke tells Anna that he has to stop a murder and runs out.

Anthony joins Tracy for breakfast, but Luke gets there in time to spill the food and stop Anthony from eating it. Anthony is sick of Luke’s interference and reminds him that Luke walked away. He leaves to clean himself off and tells Luke not to be there when he returns.

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Luke accuses Tracy of trying to poison Anthony and says it would raise eyebrows. Tracy tells him to take care of it since murder is his wheelhouse and could do it with finesse. Luke says Anthony is still a human being. Anthony returns, annoyed to see Luke still there and then jokes about a threesome, but not with Luke, with Anna. Luke begins to reconsider the human being thing. Anthony gets annoyed that the two of them are talking in code.

Anna gets to the courthouse and sits waiting with Mac. He says Maxie is all he has left and he’ll lose her too. He says he didn’t care that he wasn’t the biological father and mentions Felicia. Anna says Felicia made a mistake leaving him, since he was there for them all the time. Mac says he understands that she was forced away from Robin. He wonders how could Frisco and Felicia could leave Maxie and Georgie. Anna understands Frisco being the adrenaline junkie always looking for adventure, but doesn’t understand Felicia going after Frisco and leaving the girls.

Mac tearfully says he thought it couldn’t get worse than losing Georgie, but now he’s lost Robin and he will lose Maxie. He says he can’t do this and doesn’t know who he is. Anna says he’s a Scorpio.

Alexis tells Maxie that she has letters of support from family, friends and reads a glowing one. Maxie thinks it was written by Spinelli. However, it turns out it was from Robin, for Maxie when she was trying to get into Crimson. Alexis says Robin believed in Maxie and would want her to believe in herself.

Ronnie tells Dante to look for Lulu at the courthouse, so he heads there. Mac tells Dante that he hasn’t seen Lulu all day. Dante heads back to the station and Ronnie tells him to call lulu’s family, so Dante calls Luke.

Luke tells Dante that he saw Lulu the day before and that she wanted to tell Dante something. He needs to talk to Lulu. Dante says he can’t find Lulu, so Luke tells him that Lulu thought the real attacker was Ronnie. Dante asks Ronnie when he last saw Lulu. Ronnie says it was the day before, that she was still there when he left. Dante says he’s known Ronnie a long time, knows when he’s lying and knows he’s lying now. He demands to know where his wife is.

Patrick calls Liz and asks her to pick up Emma from daycare and keep her overnight again. Liz wonders if something is wrong. Patrick lies and says he’s been asked to consult on a case at Mercy, so Liz says she’ll take care of Emma. Patrick lies down on the couch. Liz finally finds Ewen, on the floor of his office.

Anna tells Mac that they will get through this, that Maxie will come to her senses and that she needs her family more than ever. Felicia walks up and agrees.

Matt shows up at the courthouse. Alexis wants to go over his impact statement. Matt says he wishes whoever the real killer was would come forward. Matt has a memory of being drunk on the boat.

Spinelli gets to the courthouse and tells Maxie that she’s not the killer and he can prove it, because Matt is. He says Matt was drunk and doesn’t remember. Spin says he’s going to tell the judge because it’s reasonable doubt. Maxie warns him not to tell anyone and says she knows Matt did it, because she saw him do it.