Help General Hospital's Jason Cook and Bradford Anderson's Short Film Get Made!


Jason Cook has had a lot more to do as General Hospital'sDr. Matt Hunter since the new regime took over, but that hasn't stopped him from creating his own projects. Cook and producer Stephen Hansen recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their short film Genreful, starring Cook's GH costar Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)


In Genreful, a suicidal young man named Anton (Anderson) is rescued from the brink by a girl named Hannah. Anton and Hannah ultimately fall in love, but their happiness is short-lived, when Hannah's brutish ex (Jason Mewes) comes back into the picture.

The short flick will span the varied film genres of Drama, Romantic Comedy, Thriller, Action, Horror, Animation and Sci-Fi, hence the name Genreful. Sounds ambitious and intriguing! Watch Cook and Hansen's campaign vid after the jump.

So far, Cook and Hansen's Kickstarter campaign has raised $7,095 of their $50,000 funding goal. If you want to see Genreful happen, there are 26 more days to donate!

Photo credit: ABC