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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly continues to dodge Johnny’s call. She shows up at the penthouse to talk to Jason, but finds Sam instead. Sam tells her to confide in Johnny. Carly admits she caught him in bed with Kate. Carly complains that everyone warned her and she didn’t listen. Johnny played her to get to Sonny, and she made it easy for him. She’s just glad she didn’t fall in love with him, but Sam calls her out and says Carly did fall in love.

Sonny tells Jason that he caught Kate in bed with Johnny and they’ve been together for months behind his back. Jason’s confused, since he’s sure Kate loves Sonny. He thinks something else is going on. He tells Sonny that Spinelli found out Ewen was going to commit Kate. Sonny’s upset that Kate lied about that too.

Olivia is certain Kate would never turn her away and wants to know what’s wrong with her. Connie tells her that Sonny caught her with Johnny. Johnny arrives to speak with Connie. Olivia snarks him out and claims he’s worse than Sonny. Before she leaves, she swears she’ll never ask anything of Kate again. Johnny complains to Connie that he lost what mattered most to him.

Heather wants Maggie’s help in getting Steve released by writing a letter, a testimonial. At first, Maggie isn’t interested, but then agrees to write a letter. Heather asks Maggie to take her home. She grabs a bottle of pills from the nurse’s desk.

Ewen wakes up long enough to tell Elizabeth that someone named Connie smacked him over the head. Olivia wants Liz’s help in dealing with Steven. Liz promises, but is distracted. She tells Olivia that Ewen was attacked by a woman named Connie.

Before sentencing, Spinelli claims he has something the judge should know, information that will change things. He says Maxie isn’t a murderer. He says Lisa was killed by someone else. However, in the end he doesn’t say what he knows about Matt, but gives an impassioned speech about Maxie’s character.

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Felicia stands up and says she’s Maxie’s mother and she should have been here for her. However, she taught her daughter how to run away. Maxie isn’t responsible, she is. The judge reminds her that she didn’t kill anyone, but Maxie did. Maxie is sentenced to 20 years in jail with no parole.

At Steve’s apartment, Heather prepares iced tea for Maggie, lacing it with the pills. She reads about Maxie’s trial and how clever Maxie was to forge a suicide note. Maggie drinks the tea and doesn’t feel well. Heather says Maggie should have never called her crazy. Maggie passes out. Heather claims everyone will know that Steve is innocent and that Maggie killed the patient.

Johnny says he needs to talk to Kate. Connie claims Kate isn’t here anymore and knows Johnny wants her to intervene with Carly. Johnny wonders why Ewen didn’t commit Kate. Connie says she dealt with Ewen. Johnny is worried that Kate will cry rape, but Connie says they were consenting adults.

Johnny says Carly was hurt in the process and wants nothing to do with him anymore. Connie’s gotten rid of Kate and is leaving. Johnny says he can’t let her leave. He says he took advantage of Kate. Connie tells him not to worry. She won’t go to the police. He’s in the clear, but if he doesn’t leave her alone now, she’ll cry rape. Johnny leaves and Connie grabs her bag and heads out.

Carly tells Sam about Luke’s thought that she was projecting feelings for Jax onto Johnny. She points out today is their fifth anniversary and that she never signed the divorce papers. She was going to Johnny’s to tell him she would sign the papers when she found him with Kate. Carly realizes they’re having a bonding moment. Sam says it’s easier to talk to someone you shouldn’t. Carly assures her that things can’t be that bad. Sam says everything she did was for Jason, but she made things worst. Carly tells her that she won’t lose Jason. Sam thanks Carly for listening.

Sonny asks about Jason’s issues. He admits the baby isn’t his and explains that Franco raped Sam. He’s also upset about Sam talking to McBain. Sonny assures him they will work through this. Jason isn’t sure since he’s got so much anger towards Franco. He wonders if he’ll feel the same towards the baby. Jason wonders if there’s something they can use against McBain. Sonny says McBain will be hard to get rid of and not to let McBain get between them.

Jason thinks Johnny might have taken advantage of Kate and tells Sonny to contact Ewen. Sonny leaves a voice message for him.

Matt demands Maxie to tell the truth. Maxie says she’s ready to serve her sentence. Mac says he’ll help her though it. Spinelli says he loves her, will never stop fighting for her and will never give up.