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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Elizabeth tells Olivia that she went through Ewen’s files, but found no one named Connie.  Olivia is aware that Kate is Ewen’s patient. She explains that Connie was her real name and that Kate’s been behaving like her high school self lately.  Liz explains Kate crashing her date with Ewen and behaving poorly. However, Ewen didn’t seem surprised.  She wonders how far Kate would go for attention.

Carly catches Connie trying to leave the hotel.  Connie claims Johnny just left, after a passionate sex encounter.  Carly figures Johnny will come to his senses soon enough.  Connie says she makes Johnny feel reckless, unlike wallflower Carly.  Carly smacks her. The desk clerk breaks them up.  When Connie goes to leave, Carly shoves her and the two start going at it. 

Starr shows up at Johnny’s looking for more info on Sonny.  Johnny plays the victim, telling her that Sonny shot at him the night before. He shows her the bullet hole.  Starr wonders why he didn’t call the police. Johnny says in his line of business, you don’t.  He says Sonny loves power at all costs. He says he can defend himself, and shows her his gun.

Seems McBain planted a bug in Sonny’s living room when Max left him alone. He sits in his room at Kelly’s listening while Michael visits with Sonny.  Michael wonders what happened at the birthday party. Sonny tells him that Kate cheated with Johnny.  Michael is shocked and then wonders if his mother knows.  Sonny says Carly caught them too. 

Jason shows up at home, to a worried Sam. They continue the same fight; that she turned to someone else, was scared and trying to protect him. Sam tells him to forget about McBain. Jason lets its slip about Liz. Sam angrily points out that she can’t talk to stranger McBain, but Jason can talk to former lover Liz.  Jason says he went to Liz, not the other way around. He says Liz took Sam’s side.  Sam wonders what exactly he told Liz.

Jason explains talking to Liz at the hospital.  Sam says they need to figure this out, that Jason can’t bear to look at her. Jason swears that isn’t the case.  Sam wants to know how he feels about the baby. Can he love this child as his own?  Jason says he needs more time and that it’s not “our” baby.

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Sam wonders when he’ll know how he feels. Nothing will change and that he needs to love unconditionally.  Jason claims Franco did this to both of them. He wants to love the baby, but it isn’t easy.  Sam says she can’t walk away because the baby is part of her. She says she’ll give him time to decide how he feels, but will move out.   Jason asks if she’ll go to Alexis. Sam doesn’t want to deal with her mother right now. She tells him she’ll let him know where she settles.  

Olivia says she doesn’t recognize Kate anymore. Liz is shocked to hear that Kate was cheating with Johnny.  Liz wonders if Kate is capable of attacking Ewen. Olivia asks her to check Ewen’s files again, looking for Kate not Connie.  After she’s checked again, Liz says she found no file for Kate. She figures Kate could have taken it.  Olivia mentions Johnny changing and how he’s responsible for Steve getting dragged down to Memphis. Liz calls the police and lets them know the possibility that Kate hurt Ewen.  

Sonny feels he knew something was off, that Kate was seeing a shrink.  Michael says he feels bad for Kate because Carly will surely kill her.  Sonny’s happy for Michael’s support.  Michael spots the framed article and remembers that McBain had been by with a gift.  Sonny says McBain blamed him for something, but it wasn’t his fault. He asks Michael about Starr, but Michael hasn’t seen her.

The doorman finally breaks up Carly and Connie’s fight. Carly grabs one of the papers that flew out of Connie’s purse and asks what DID means.  Connie tells her to back off. Carly’s angry that Kate came back to Sonny, then talked Jax into selling half of the hotel and then went after Johnny.  Carly tells her to leave, but Connie says she can do what she wants.

Starr says things aren’t getting easier, that she sees no future.  Johnny tells her it’s not her job to make Sonny pay and not to look in the past.  He tells her to focus on her music instead of revenge.  Johnny steps away to answer his phone. When he comes back Starr is gone.

Uniformed officers show up at the hotel to talk to Kate and Connie makes a quick exit.

Sam runs into McBain while moving into Kelly’s.

Carly shows up at Johnny’s door.

Sonny finds Starr on his doorstep.  She has Johnny’s gun in her purse.