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Martha Madison is FIYA as Marly's Marriage Implodes on The Bay; Plus Fiona Hutchison Debuts as "Mystery Woman"!

After finally wrapping the longest wedding in soap history, Gregori J. Martin's The Bay is back to firing on all cylinders with its latest webisode. Proving that what we always say about daytime soaps also applies on the web, when The Bay focuses on character moments between core cast, magic can happen!


Said magic is created in this installment when socialite Sara Garrett's (Mary Beth Evans) daughter Marly Nelson-Foster (Days of Our Lives and General Hospital alum Martha Madison) realizes her secret trysts with Manny (Ignacio Serricchio) haven't been so secret after all. Kudos to Madison for giving a brief, stellar performance, as a Southern California cat caught on hot tin roof, with nowhere to jump! 

This is the kind of web-based soap opera I want to see — a woman, screwing the brother of her mother's arch rival, to the detriment of her own young family. No need for any creepy, campy man in a dress, just good, old-fashioned (and realistic) scandalous suds!

Sara's other children also drive story in this installment, which is smart. What hooked me on The Bay early on was the promise of how Sara's dysfunctional family life would be explored. Somewhere along the way, the cast got way too bloated and the stories sort of jerked and gyrated into varying directions, with multiple spin offs. It's nice to see Martin get things back into sharp focus on those wonderfully-wicked Garretts.

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Brian Nelson (Dylan Bruce) finds himself desperate to leave the country in the webisode, but could a stunt by his equally hunky kid brother Peter (Kristos Andrews) throw a wrench into those plans? Meanwhile, Lex (Tristan Rogers) is once again there for Sara when she needs him. Forget those kids' various daddies, I am so ready for Lex and Sara to bone!

Watch the latest webisode of The Bay—featuring As The World Turns and The Bold and the Beautiful's Michael Swan, Guiding Light's Scott Bailey and the debut of the fabulous Fiona Hutchison—after the jump!