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SOAP BYTES: Should The Young and the Restless “CAsh” in on Cane and Ashley? Jon Hensley Pops Up on The Bold and the Beautiful!

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Y&R BYTES: Ashley (Eileen Davidson) walked in and sat on Cane’s (Daniel Goddard) desk with her legs crossed. The scene left me wondering how hot it would be to see a “CAsh” pairing on The Young and the Restless? Imagine these two steaming up Ashley's lab. Show some leg Ashley and seduce the Aussie hunk. Get yourself some!

Avery (Jessica Collins) weighed whether-or-not to take over being Victor’s (Eric Braeden) legal flunky from The Black Night's last legal bitch Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc). In the end, she agreesd to become Victor’s henchwoman.

Tucker (Stephen Nichols) pulled the rug out from under Genevieve’s (Genie Francis) cover story.  I wonder what she’ll do now? Two hops, a skip and a jump later she was at Jack’s (Peter Bergman) whining about him setting her up. She sure gets around, doesn’t she?

Even Stevie Wonder  can see that Y&R is toying with the idea of Cane being Tucker’s son. If he does turn out to be a McCall, that will make him the half brother of Lily's adopted brother Devon (Bryton James). Con-fus-ing.


DAYS BYTES: EJ (James Scott) learned he is not Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) son and demanded answers. The question now becomes, who is EJ’s father?  Wednesday’s Days of Our Lives was a perfect example of how amazing Scott can be as an actor, when he’s not chewing scenery. I felt both EJ and Stefano’s pain as they grappled with the truth. The tremor in both men’s voices and the emotions in their eyes really pulled me in.

Oh no, a bomb on DAYS! Isn’t a bomb in Salem sort of like pulling a gun on someone in Port Charles? I’m sure the Fab Four and the two snore bores (Rafe and Carrie) will save themselves some how.

Rafe (Galen Gering): “There’s enough plastic explosives here to blow us to Alamania.”

Far more interesting was Kate (Lauren Koslow) waltzing into Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) apartment, as Sami and Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) revel in the afterglow. After wishing she could bleach her eyes out, Kate revealed she still owns the rights to the Countess W name and logo. Unfortunately for Kate, Lucas got the better of his mother.

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B&B BYTES: The single best thing about all four soaps on Wednesday was the appearance of long time As the World Turns star Jon Hensley as Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) doctor. Seeing him took me back to all those wonderful Snyder dinners, Holden, Lily (Martha Byrne) and those other Snyder boys, Jack (Michael Park) and Brad (Austin Peck), had together. Oh how I miss As the World Turns. I think I’m going to go re-watch my Soap Classics ATWT DVD when I'm done with this column.

It’s nice to see Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) realize their daughters are falling into their old patterns.

I don’t want to see Steffy sign the annulment papers. I’m actually rooting for her now. Oh how things change on soaps. Steffy took the high road and lets Liam go. I wonder what Drama King Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) will do now?

Liam (Scott Clifton) rips into Hope (Kim Matula) about her reaction to the paparazzi and her continued use of the pills. Is this a bump in the road, or is their relationship going up in flames? 


GH BYTES: Catfight at the O.K. Corral, err…Metro Court! Carly (Laura Wright) punched and pushed Connie (Kelly Sullivan), who unraveled like Bruce Banner’s pants when he becomes The Hulk.  I love cat fights on soaps and Carly is always up to the challenge. Their fight was my second favorite scene of the day.

John McBain (Michael Easton) had Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) house bugged, but will he overhear anything incriminating?

Jason (Steve Burton) is a giant raving prick! This story is damaging Jason's hero complex. I can’t say I have a problem with that. People on pedestals fall the farthest.

Hello Starr (Kristen Alderson), it’s nice to see you back in Port Charles!  Unfortunately, Johnny (Brandon Barash) is still manipulating her grief. However, I'd still rather see a Johnny/Starr match up, than him being caught up in this Connie mess.

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) don’t let Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) convince you to break HIPPA regulations!  In Port Charles mobsters go free, but people like you end up in the clink! After they got done searching for Connie, the Poh Poh could come hunting for you!

Kudos to Kelly Monaco for another amazing performance as Sam McCall.