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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Sharon (Gag) KISSES Victor!

Victor/Nikki/Jack: Old Smilin' Jack confesses his love for the socialite. Meanwhile The Black Knight and Nikki have a heated showdown regarding her relationship with his mortal enemy.


Paul/Cricket: The gumshoe goes to his ex-wife for assistance with his wayward son.

Tucker: The rebel billionaire attempts to smooth things over with Ashley.

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Daniel: The artist turns to his father for help. Later, Daisy spies him embracing a woman.

Victor/Sharon: Mr. Mumbles and his slonkey daughter-in-law decide to have a nice working dinner GloWorm. Sharon clues Victor in on Nick and Phyllis being engaged, then the two bump into Billy, Victoria, little John, Adam and Chelsea. Victoria makes a crack about Sharon losing both Newman brothers and now moving onto dear ol' dad. Victor and Sharon return to Newman Enterprises where she winds up planting a BIG KISS on him! Victor then tells Sharon to join him to at the ranch for a nice candlelight meal. Things get a bit dicey when Nikki shows up. Get ready for these two to set tongues to wagging  with their newfound relationship!


Daniel: Word is he gets married to Daisy in order to gain access to his daughter.