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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante begs Delores to let him out, saying he’s not the stalker. He insists Ronnie is framing him.  Delores is in no hurry, still angry that Eddie was accused. Dante explains about Lulu figuring it out and now being missing. Lulu needs to be found. 

Luke’s worried about Lulu, even though Anna reassures him that Lulu is smart and resourceful.  He’s concerned that Lulu came to him. He turned her away, but should have dealt with it in his way.  Luke says he wasn’t there for Lulu growing up. She could never count on him.  He mentions pushing Lucky away too.  Anna promises they won’t let anything happen to Lulu. 

Ronnie has Lulu tied up to a bed in the same motel that McBain and now Sam are staying at.  He tells Lulu that she shouldn’t expect Dante to show up to rescue her, because Dante is locked up.  He’s mad at Lulu for sticking her nose into things.   Ronnie leaves the TV remote for Lulu while he goes to take a shower. She proceeds to turn up the volume. 

Sam tells John that she left Jason because of him. She should have told Jason right from the start and shouldn’t have confided in John.  John reminds her that none of this is her fault.  Sam says Jason doesn’t trust her. It turns out they are in rooms next to each other.  Sam decides she’ll get some munchies and then spend the night in her room resting.  The two hear the raised volume of the TV in the next room. 

Carly knees Johnny in the groin.  Johnny swears it was only once with Kate. Carly doesn’t believe him.  Johnny tries to explain that Kate is Connie and that she’s seeing a therapist.  Carly continues to accuse Johnny of lying until he says Kate has multiple personalities or DID.  Carly remembers DID on Kate’s papers. 

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Sonny makes small talk with Starr and then invites her in.  She says she stayed because when her record deal fell apart, Johnny picked up the contract.  Sonny tells her she should stay away from Johnny. However, Starr says she believes what Johnny has told her.  Starr pulls the gun out of her purse and says she knows exactly what she’s doing. 

Sonny says he understands revenge and that he has compassion for her.  He tells Starr that her life will be over if she shoots him.  Starr says she won’t shoot him here, but wants to take him somewhere and ushers him out.   

McBain knocks on Ronnie’s door and asks him to turn down his TV.  Ronnie gets nasty and snarky, declaring he can do whatever he wants.  When Sam returns with her junk food, John tells her to steer clear of that room.

Ronnie turns the TV down and warns Lulu not to pull any more stunts.  Ronnie decides he should go down to the front desk and smooth things out in case McBain complained.  When he grabs his jacket, Lulu’s phone falls out onto the bed. When he’s not looking, she grabs it.  Ronnie runs into Sam in the hallway. She explains that she’s staying there for now, but thinks he’s been called on police business about the noise complaint. 

Anna decides to call in reinforcements, but Luke is worried it will be his word against Ronnie’s.   Anna calls McBain and they tell him what’s happened.  John tells them to check in with Dante again. When he sees the photo of Ronnie he realizes it’s the guy from the motel. 

Carly wants to know why Johnny would sleep with Kate. he explains how Connie came onto him and finally caught him at his darkest moment.  Carly wonders why he didn’t care what it would do to her.  Johnny says it meant nothing; what they have is real and he wants to make it up to her.  Carly says she never thought he would hurt her. She hopes sleeping with Kate was worth it.  After she leaves, Johnny notices his gun is missing. 

Dante begs Delores to believe that he wouldn’t lay a hand on a woman in violence. He says he was wrong about Eddie.  He says he needs to figure out where Ronnie took Lulu.  Delores lets him out and gets him a computer. Dante checks the GPS from Lulu’s phone. Lulu gets her phone working, but drops it. Sam and Ronnie hear a lamp crash.  Sam wants to check out the room, but Ronnie says he can’t let her.  Dante finally gets the phone signal.

McBain and Dante arrive, at the same time, guns drawn and break into the room.