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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante and McBain find the hotel room empty and realize he’s taken Lulu elsewhere.  Dante’s angry that Ronnie would betray their friendship.  John finds Sam’s dragon and realizes she’s been grabbed as well.  John explains his run in with Ronnie and being summoned by Anna to help.  Dante wonders where the girls were taken.

Turns out Ronnie took them to the Haunted Star.  Sam remembers how Ronnie tied her up as well, but not before she told him to take them to the Star. She emptied out Lulu’s purse, supposedly looking for her keys, found a matchbook from the Star and dropped it for someone to find.  Ronnie dragged both gagged women out, without anyone at the hotel noticing. 

Connie gets to the airport and is looking for the first flight out.  She gets one for Rio, but her passport says Kate Howard. The clerk questions her, but she claims she’s flying under an alias because she’s such a big shot. 

Carly goes to Sonny’s, but finds Jason.  She complains about Johnny playing her and how Jason was right. It hurts so badly.  Carly tells Jason about Johnny story that Kate has a split personality.  Jason thinks it might be true. He explains his run-ins with Kate. 

Johnny realizes his gun is missing and leaves a message for Starr.  Michael shows up at his door and sucker punches him, on behalf of Carly.  Johnny swears it was a one-time thing.  Michael mentions the accident. He is glad Starr left, but Johnny tells him Starr is still in town. 

Starr brings Sonny to the crash site, determined to kill Sonny to avenge Cole and Hope.  Sonny says killing him won’t make a difference and not to poison her life with hate and revenge.  Sonny says he would lay down his life for his kids. He explains about Michael being shot.  Starr says he deserves this. Sonny asks how she would feel if she was wrong. 

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Starr doesn’t believe that Johnny did it and framed Sonny. She accuses Sonny of never paying for the damage he causes.  Sonny says he cares about Michael, who tried to save her family and who will be devastated if she does this.  Sonny says Michael will blame himself and will grieve for Sonny. He says Starr shouldn’t throw away her life to end his.  Sonny claims he could have taken the gun from her at any time, but knew she needed to do this. 

Jason mentions Kate’s appointments with Ewen. Carly says Kate has her file because she saw it.  Jason wonders if the planted gun wasn’t Sonny’s. Johnny was with Carly all night, could the gun be Connie’s.  Carly doesn’t believe Kate would be able to shoot out tires at night, but Jason thinks Connie might.  He says he needs to find Connie and Carly tells him Kate was on her way to the airport. 

While waiting for her flight, Connie goes to the washroom. She has a conversation with Kate in the mirror.  She claims she’s the real person and that Kate is the alter. Kate can’t stop her anymore. 

McBain finds the matchbook from the Haunted Star. Dante explains that Lulu owns it and it’s been closed for awhile.  Dante wants to call Jason, but McBain tells him that Jason isn’t’ a cop and doesn’t belong. 

Michael is surprised to hear Starr is still in town, but didn’t contact him.  Johnny tells him that Starr wants to kill Sonny and has his gun. He hopes she doesn’t use it, because the gun will be traced back to him.  Michael rushes over to Sonny’s. When he doesn’t find him, checks the computer video footage and sees Starr taking Sonny out at gunpoint. 

Lulu begs Ronnie to let Sam go. His best chance of living is to let her go.  Sam says the FBI knows and that McBain has friends in high places. He and Dante will find them.  Both girls try to convince Ronnie to take off, since he hasn’t killed anyone yet. However, Ronnie feels he has no choice. 

Sam points out that Dante, Jason, Sonny’s people, McBain and Luke will all be after him.  Dante and McBain show up and listen in.  Dante’s itching to get in there, but John holds him back, saying they need a plan. 

Before Connie has a chance to get on her plane, Jason’s arrives and stops her. 

Starr is ready to shoot Sonny, when Michael arrives and stops her.