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Help Make Sci-Soap Pilot Drifter Happen!

An all-star cast and crew have assembled to bring sci-fi suds fans the high concept TV pilot Drifter, but they need your help to do it!From creator Jeff Koenig (The Mane Show With Tyler Mane, The Webventures of Justin and Aiden, Geek vs. Geek), Drifter is the saga of Will Blake (Darren Le Gallo), a man trapped on a damaged spaceship, with only 12 days to live.


Of course our hero faces mortality the way any perfectly rational moon jumper would — he uses the ship's computer to go inside a virtual re-creation of his favorite television series. And here I thought Fringe fans were a little over the top! Inside his fave show, Will gets to spend time with the series-within-a-series' female protagonist, played by Then We Got Help's brilliant creator/star Julie Ann Emery.

“It would be like watching an episode of Cheers while you’re sitting there, right at the bar” says Koenig. “Woody hands you a beer, Cliff makes some random off-hand observation, and Sam and Diane have one of their classic fights, not five feet in front of you. But what happens to Sam if you’re basically there to steal Diane away from him?”

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Koenig, founder of geek-themed production company OMFGeek, LLC., is currently raising funds for the Drifter pilot via Mobcaster. The project also stars Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Emma Caulfield, Al Thompson (The Cleveland Show, Lenox Avenue, Odessa), Rachael Hip-Flores (Anyone But Me), and Gary Ploski (Rising Star). Watch the Drfiter support video after the jump!