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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ronnie blames Lulu for the position he’s now in.  Dante appears, telling Ronnie to let the women go, while McBain hides on the other side.  The two argue back and forth until Ronnie tells Dante to drop his gun and kick it away.  While the two argue, Sam spots McBain. She tries to untie herself and Lulu. 

The police return to the hospital and let Elizabeth know that Kate cleared out of her offices before they got there, but that they know she’s the attacker.

Jason stops Connie from getting on her flight. Connie plays the Kate card, but Jason says he knows the truth. He believes what Johnny said about her medical condition.  Jason asks what else she’s done, like shooting out Anthony’s tires. Connie denies it.  He tells her that Ewen wants her committed because she’s dangerous.  When Jason tries to lead her away, Connie fights him off, but then Jason fights her off. Connie morphs back into Kate. 

Johnny calls someone to find Starr for him.  Anthony shows up and Johnny tells him that Starr stole his gun and went after Sonny and he’s worried about being implicated. Anthony tells him Tracy is trying to kill him.  Anthony says divorce is not an option and that he needs Johnny’s protection. 

Starr is surprised to see Michael, who says he’s there to stop her from killing his father.  Starr says she’s trying to get justice.  Michael says Johnny had motive too. However, Starr says he had an alibi and that Sonny tried to kill Johnny last night.  Sonny admits to shooting Johnny’s wall, but that it was nothing.  Michael says Cole wouldn’t want her to kill someone and that she’ll carry it forever.

Michael explains killing Claudia and that he has to carry that forever and she’ll lose herself and it’s not worth it.  Starr runs off and Sonny thanks Michael for saving his life.  Sonny says he let Starr do what she needed but now realizes she would have killed him.  Michael explains that Johnny told him Starr took the gun and realized where she’d take him. Sonny tells him he can’t trust Starr, just like Kate can’t be trusted.  Michael is sorry he didn’t stay away from Starr.

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Ronnie blames his wife for his behavior. He admits to killing Dinofrio and getting rid of Dante’s photos.  He also admits to being the one who shot Dante in the hotel garage.  Dante blames him for putting everything in motion that led to the car accident. 

Lulu moves, so Ronnie shoots and grazes her arm. McBain jumps into the room and the two shoot back and forth at each other, while Dante covers the women.  Sam tells him to take Lulu out, which he does, leaving Sam there for Ronnie to grab.  Sam begs him not to kill her or the baby. 

Tracy pays Alexis a visit, giving her money for legal advice.  Alexis assures her that she’s too busy to take on a new client.  Tracy wants a divorce, but admits Anthony has information on her.  Tracy wonders why she didn’t let Sonny shoot Anthony that day. Alexis thanks her for not allowing it.  Tracy realizes that Anthony has been lying. He would never allow the information he has on her to get out since it would end up incriminating him as well and he wouldn’t risk Johnny. 

Kate is shocked to see that she’s at the airport and wonders if Connie hurt anyone.  The last thing she remembers is being with Ewen. She asks Jason to take her to him.  At the hospital, Jason tells Liz they’re looking for Ewen, but Liz says he was attacked. Kate is shocked to hear she did it. Kate blames Connie.  Liz wonders why she’s talking as though it’s another person.  Jason says Kate is sick.  The police arrive to ask Kate questions, but Jason says she’s ill and needs a psychiatrist, which Liz is getting.  Kate begs Jason not to call Sonny. 

Starr shows up at Johnny’s and gives him back his gun. She says it’s not what Hope and Cole would have wanted.  Johnny tells her to forget about Sonny and go on with her life.   Starr thanks Johnny and kisses him on the cheek.  As she’s leaving, Michael arrives with police officers, and has her arrested for attempted murder

Liz is concerned for Jason, regarding Sam and McBain. Jason tells her that Sam moved out. Jason calls Sonny to come to the hospital. Dante and Lulu show up for treatment and Dante tells Jason what’s happened.  Jason runs out.  . Sonny shows up at the hospital and finds Kate handcuffed to a chair.

Lulu’s waiting to be examined by a doctor and she and Dante go over events.   He feels he should have protected her better.  She feels she shouldn’t have let Ronnie grab her.  Liz comes in to check on Lulu and Dante mentions Sam being held by Ronnie, but McBain was taking care of her. 

Ronnie holds Sam and argues with McBain.  Sam drops down, allowing John to shoot Ronnie.   Sam thanks him for saving her and the baby’s life.  They hug as Jason arrives and sees them.