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It Never Ends...Brett Butler to Appear on The Young and the Restless


Star f*** extraordinaire Maria Arena Bell is at it again! Former sitcom queen and tabloid staple Brett Butler has been cast on The Young and the Restless. This casting news comes as Butler is about to return to TV in equally trouble-prone Charlie Sheen's new FX series Anger Management. Butler will play "Beth the neighbor", who shares scenes with Paul (Doug Davidson) in Genoa City.

Entertainment Weekly's website reveals this news EXCLUSIVELY! In fact, it's so very EXCLUSIVE you likely won't find mention of it in the magazine's print edition.  

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MAB continues to basically use this soap—belonging to Sony TV, her husband's family and (just a smidge to) Ken Corday— to stunt cast all of her TV faves from the past. It's bad enough the storytelling on Y&R under this woman has taken the sudser from being daytime's golden goose to one very lame duck, but does she really have to turn the late Bill Bell's classic, afternoon melodrama into a string of deleted scenes from the TV Land Awards? I loved watching Downtown Julie Brown on MTV, but I can't imagine a scenario where I'd want to see her on ABC's Revenge.  

I have absolutely nothing at all against Butler; in fact I was a huge fan of her sitcom Grace Under Fire. I was also a fan of Daisy Duke on Dukes of Hazzard and Ma Walton on The Waltons and even dug Sean Young's sex scene in that one Kevin Coster movie, but enough is enough.

With Y&R in a state of utter creative and ratings catastrophe (A short time ago, the No. 1 soap was consistently around the 4.0 mark in households; now it's lucky to get a 3.3!), it's high time someone steps in (Yes, Steve Kent, I am talking to you!) and puts a stop to these asinine stunt castings and insists MAB start coming up with better stories, than putting her show's romantic heroine in a love story with her 70-something father-in-law. Yeah, because everyone so wanted to see Jock bend Pam over a hay bail on Dallas!

Photo credit: ABC