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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason watches, as Sam thanks McBain for saving her and the baby. She spots Jason, and lets him know that Ronnie was the stalker. She says she and the baby are fine, thanks to John killing Ronnie. Jason’s angry that John took a shot with Sam in the line of fire. John says he took a calculated risk. The two argue until Sam breaks it up. She reminds Jason that John saved her life.

The police tell Sonny that Kate’s been arrested for assaulting Ewen. Sonny says he’s there to see Jason, but Kate tells him that she’s the emergency. She tries to explain that she has a split personality, explains losing time and becoming Ewen’s patient. Sonny thinks Kate is making it all up.

Lulus worried about Sam. Dante’s angry that no one responded to his call and hopes McBain dealt with Ronnie. Luke shows up, afraid he was going to lose Lulu. Liz notices Anna’s upset by that. Luke’s angry that Lulu didn’t stay away from Ronnie.  Then he’s more relieved than anything. He is proud that Lulu handled things like a Spencer. Lulu says Dante and John get the credit, but Dante also wants to thank Delores for letting him out.

Delores wants to take a statement from Starr. Starr’s upset with Michael for turning her in. He accuses her of trying to kill Sonny. Delores gets a call about Ronnie and heads out. Starr tells Michael that Johnny didn’t give her the gun when she went to confront him. Starr believes Johnny didn’t cause the accident. Michael accuses her of not being able to spot a liar. He believed in her, defended her and she paid him back by going after his father.

Liz approaches a crying Anna and understands the hurt of watching parents with their children. Anna says she’s happy for Luke and that he was scared for Lulu. Liz tells her there will come a time when it doesn’t hurt to think of Robin and it will get easier. Liz says she’s sorry Anna is going through this alone. Anna assures that she has Mac, Luke and Liz. Anna asks about Ewen and Liz tells her that he was attacked by Kate.

Liz mentions today being Jake’s birthday and how she should be watching him blow out candles instead of going to the cemetery. Anna tells her not to hide from the pain, but to go through it to the good memories on the other side.

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When Delores arrives at the Haunted Star, John tells Sam to go the hospital to get checked out. He lets Delores know what happened. John tells Jason to go be with Sam, but Jason wants to get things straight first. Jason doesn’t like that John knows all the personal stuff. John says Sam was scared and has nothing to do with his investigation of Sonny. Jason says John doesn’t live here, has no business here and that going after Sonny is a waste of time. Jason tells him to stay away from Sam.

Dante gets word that Sam is fine and that Ronnie is dead. He mentions that Ronnie was the one who shot him at the hotel. Luke tells him to let Sonny know to avoid a mob war. Delores shows up and Lante apologize. Lulu says it’s her fault that Eddie was a suspect, but Delores points out that Lulu was first to suspect Ronnie.

Michael’s upset that Starr deceived him, but Starr swears their time together meant something and that she hasn’t slept since. She says Johnny isn’t guilty. Michael says his father isn’t either and maybe the accident was caused by someone else. Starr swears she never used Michael. He doesn’t believe her.

Kate says Connie is completely separate. She has her own agenda and wants Skate apart. She claims it was Connie in Johnny’s bed. Sonny thinks it’s all a fairy tale that he gave all of himself to her and she spit on him. Sonny says they’re done.

Liz finds Sam waiting to be checked out, so Liz offers to do her vitals. Sam tells her Ronnie’s dead, thanks to John and not to run to Jason because he knows. Liz says she didn’t go running to Jason before. He asked her a question and she answered him. Sam’s angry that Liz knows more than her own mother, because Jason told her. Liz says she and Jason are friends and has no intention of getting between JaSam. Liz tells her to talk to Jason.

Luke apologizes to Anna for bringing her to the hospital, but she says it’s where Robin worked, made miracles happen and saved lives. She’s still angry that Robert took off. Luke tells her that Robin is inside of her.

Sam goes back to the motel and runs into John. She asks what happened with Jason, but he jokes about it. He gives her the phoenix and she thanks him for helping her.

Jason catches Liz as she’s leaving the hospital. She says she’s going to Jake’s grave and asks if he wants to join her, which he does.