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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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McBain listens in as Jason and Sonny get caught up on all things Starr.  Sonny explains how Michael showed up and saved his life.  Jason explains how he stopped Kate from leaving the country.  Sonny doesn’t believe Kate’s story about a split personality.  Jason says Connie looked and behaved differently. He saw Kate emerge. 

Olivia is pissed off at Kate, also not believing Connie’s existence. She thinks Kate’s just reinventing herself again, to get what she wants.  Kate says it’s a real condition. She had no control when Connie took over. 

Sam brings John some coffee, to thank him for saving her life.  He tells her she should be resting and recovering.  Sam spots the headphones and wonders what he’s listening to.  He shows her a list of jazz songs and offers to load some on her phone.  Sam admits to wondering what if something had happened to the baby. She knows she loves the baby already.  She knows Jason won’t get past what Franco did.

Starr is led into the interrogation room, where Todd is waiting for her.  She wonders if he escaped jail. He says he was found not guilty, although by reason of mental issue, likely PTSD.  Starr says she doesn’t need him, but Todd assures her that he’ll make it all go away.

Alexis, Spinelli and Matt are trying to think of ways to help Maxie.  Matt says she’s innocent. They need to find who did kill Lisa.  Alexis says Maxie refuses to recant her confession.  They’re distracted by a television news report detailing what happened with Lulu and Sam.  Alexis is shocked Sam didn’t tell her what happened. Spinelli figures if the Star has cameras, and the boat was docked not far from it, then maybe something was caught on one of the cameras. 

Felicia wants to talk with Mac, who’s still angry that she made the choice to pursue her happiness at the expense of her children.  He wants to know how she could walk away from them. Felicia says she knew they were better off with him.  Mac tells her she needs to leave, but Felicia refuses to go until she can help Maxie. 

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Todd wonders why Starr tried to kill Sonny.  She says she doesn’t feel better and she can’t sleep.  Todd says he’s killed his share of people and killing Sonny won’t make her feel better.  He tells her she’ll feel Hope and Cole’s loss forever.  Starr says she wants Sonny to die.  Todd says he’ll get her out, since there’s always a way out and it’s her word against Sonny’s. 

Spinelli doesn’t want Matt going with him to check out the video footage.  Once at the Star, Spinelli finds the footage and sees the person kill Lisa. 

Jason explains that Connie was the violent one, not Kate. Sonny’s more concerned with the image of Kate and Johnny than anything else.  Jason spoke to Kate’s new shrink, who agreed about the split personalities. He says Sonny should have compassion since he also has a mental illness.  Sonny claims it isn’t the same. Jason reminds him about breaking things, talking to people who weren’t there and that he couldn’t control it. 

Jason says it isn’t Kate’s choice and Sonny needs to understand her side.  Sonny changes the subject to Sam as Jason bends down and spots the bug under the table.  He drops it into a cup of water. He claims to know who planted it.  He asks what John might have heard, but Sonny was so distracted by Kate that he doesn’t think he did any business to be heard.  Jason says he’ll deal with McBain, but Sonny should help Kate. 

Olivia accuses Kate of hurting a lot of people. Kate says she’d never hurt Ewen, sleep with Johnny, come onto Steve and she wouldn’t hurt Olivia. Olivia says she came to her for help with Steve and Kate laughed at her.  Kate says she has no memory of that. She wishes she could fix the damage she’s caused.  Kate offers to give Olivia the money she had in her purse to help with Steve’s legal bills.  Olivia gladly takes it. Kate thanks her for believing in her. 

Sam admits that if Jason can’t love her child, she can’t be with him and will be all alone. John tells her she’ll never be alone.  Alexis calls Sam, to make sure she’s okay.  She wants to come by to see Sam, who admits that she’s at a motel and she’s moved out.  Alexis wants Sam to move in with her, but Sam refuses.  Alexis wonders if the problems are because of the baby. She says they can work it out.  She wants to help, even though Sam doesn’t want her to. 

Sam warns John that Alexis will likely show up at the motel and thanks him again before heading out.  As she opens the door, Jason shows up needing to talk to John.  Sam assures him there’s nothing going on between her and John. However, Jason dismisses her, saying it’s not about her.  Jason shows John the bug and says if he’s trying to get to Sonny, he needs to go through Jason first. 

Sonny summons Alexis and tells her Kate needs her legal help. 

Starr says someone else saw her and told the police.  Todd says nobody died, but that Sonny will be dealt with.  Starr is glad her father is here because she’s scared. Todd says he’ll get her out; they just need to find the right lawyer.  In walks Tea.