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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kate summons Liz to ask for an update on Ewen. Liz tells her he’s in ICU and may not recover because of bleeding on the brain. Kate’s upset, because Ewen only wanted to help her. She blames Connie, but then amends that to say she’s responsible. Kate mentions DID and explains everything that’s happened.

Olivia stops by to see Heather, letting her know that she has the money to spring Steve out of jail. Heather tells her not to waster her money, since Steve didn’t do it. Olivia points out that the police have evidence against Steve. Heather is sure he’ll walk in free as a bird. Steve walks in.

Spinelli’s not sure what to do with the footage of Matt killing Lisa, since he wants to be loyal to Maxie. Mac and Felicia arrive and want to know the lead Spin has. Spinelli shows them the video. They’re both thrilled to see that the killer is a dark haired man and not Maxie. Mac is determined to bring this evidence to clear Maxie.

Matt shows up at Patrick’s to talk about Maxie. He tells Patrick about her being sentenced 20 years. Patrick wishes there was more he could do. Matt realizes that Patrick is still messed up and apologizes. He points out Patrick hasn’t been to work and is falling apart. Patrick says he’s grieving. Matt feels he needs to talk to a professional. He’s not grieving, but hiding. Patrick angrily says he won’t see his wife again. Matt doesn’t know what he’s dealing with.

Johnny brings flowers to Carly to apologize, but she doesn’t want either. She calls him a cheating SOB and throws the flower water on him. Johnny says he understands he hurt her and wants them back together.

Tea says Blair sent her to help Starr, and get the charges dropped. She wants Todd to stay out of her way. Todd accuses her of not being here to help Starr, but to bury her to get back at him. Todd and Tea argue about what happened in Llanview. Tea says Starr needs her and for Todd to think about what’s best for his daughter. Starr tells her father that she needs Tea and asks him to leave.

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Kate says she’s praying for Ewen and feels terrible for what Connie did. Liz tells her to focus on getting better. Kate’s worried that Sonny won’t forgive her. Liz points out Sonny hasn’t lived a blameless life either. Liz says she understands Kate. She explains she kept a secret from the man she loved and explains what happened with her and Lucky. Kate asks if Lucky forgave her, but the police arrive to take Kate to the station.

Matt reminds Patrick that Robin loved Maxie. Patrick tells him to go and find out who really killed Lisa. Matt doesn’t want to leave him alone, but Patrick absolves him of his familial obligations. He yells at Matt to get out. After Matt leaves, Patrick looks at photos of Robin and lies down on the couch.

Johnny swears his feelings for Carly are strong and real. Carly says it won’t change what happened. She wonders why he actually did the deed with Kate. She wonders why they didn’t just pretend to be having sex. Johnny doesn’t have an answer for that. Carly tells him to man up and stop blaming someone else. Carly asks if Johnny knew Kate was suffering from DID. Johnny admits he did. Carly says it makes him a rapist and should be behind bars. Johnny never thought of it that way. He wants to make it up to her. He wants to get Carly back, because she brings out the best in him. Carly doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Olivia is shocked to see Steve. Heather wants to celebrate his return. Steve says the charges were dropped. The police got new evidence, a confession letter that Maggie sent. Heather makes a comment about it being a good thing Maggie’s gone. When pressed by Olivia, says Maggie was probably arrested and taken away.

Steve is worried about Maggie and calls her, but tells Olivia that the super found Maggie. She’s alive and on her way to the hospital. Heather is shocked to hear that Maggie isn’t dead and wants to go with them.

Mac wants his tech guys to look at Spin’s video footage. However, Felicia’s more concerned about getting Maxie released then catching the real killer. Mac thanks Spinelli for helping them. Matt shows up, wondering what evidence was found. He sees the video footage and is shocked to see the killer.

Liz asks Ewen’s doctor for an update and is told that the news is not good.

Johnny is called to the police station and wonders why, until he sees Kate sitting there.

Todd brings Carly flowers.