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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Nikki Finds Out Victor and Sharon Are (ICK) a Couple!

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Nikki/Victor/Ashley: The socialite learns all about Victor and Sharon.

Billy/Victoria: The Abbotts are stunned by Chelsea's announcement regarding her stay in Genoa City.

Ashley/Tucker/YoHarmony/Neil/Devon/Abby: The rebel billionaire goes to Abby's to plead his case with his wife. Ashley is not budging from her decision  not to give him another chance, after his romp with Harmony. Ash knows her track record with men. If forgives Tucker, she will always be wondering if he will dip out on heragain. As Tucker is begging like Keith Sweat, Abby arrives and tells him to get out of her house! We all know the Naked Heiress never cared for her stepdaddy.

After Tucker leaves, Devon heads over to Abby's, where he learns about his bio parents hooking up. Devon is very upset since he just started to trust the two of them (How is this any of his business?). Later, Neil lets Harmony know he told Sofia about his growing attraction to her. She in turn blabs about her sheet shimmy with Tucker and bolts!

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Neil is ticked by this revelation, and worries about Devon's trust issues and Harmony's sobriety. Harmony heads off to see Tucker and winds up hearing Devon giving his father a verbal beat down. She then receives one herself. Devon tells his parents they aren't fit to be in his life (Boy stop!) and leaves Harmony in tears. Meanwhile, Ashley starts to cave on giving Tucker another chance, but sees him comforting Harmony and decides her husband can hit the bricks.

Sofia: She makes a tough choice regarding her relationship with Neil.

Daisy/Daniel/Eden/Phyllis: Red and the milquetoast psychopath spot Daniel and Eden kissing at Jimmy's. Daisy is not amused, but plays things close to the vest. She knows everyone is just waiting for her to slip up. Later, Daisy stakes her claim on Daniel to Eden. Eden is gob smacked by the revelation that Daniel got hitched with that nut job. Phyllis lets her daughter-in-law know Daniel's involvement with Eden is proof positive he will never love her. Phyllis then fills Daisy in on her past with Danny. Daisy decides to tell Ricky this bit of information. Smelling a story, Ricky plans on using Phyllis' sordid past to take her down.

Cricket/Cane: The legal eagle has a tough decision for the Aussie con man to make.

Daniel:The artist is wracked with painful memories on the day marking Cassie's death.