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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke shows up at the hospital to visit with Lulu, only to find out from Dante that’s she checked herself out. Dante doesn’t know where she is. Luke finds the Haunted Star matchbook. They head there and find Lulu. Dante wonders why she left the hospital. Lulu points out it was just a graze and she’s fine. She says she has to deal with the mess and call the insurance. Lulu reminds Dante to tell Sonny about Ronnie to prevent a mob war.

Alexis is surprised to hear that Kate assaulted her shrink and has DID. Sonny still doesn’t believe it all and wonders how he can forgive her for sleeping with Johnny. Sonny wants all of it to go away since the press isn’t good for his business. Alexis wants him to admit that he’s still in love with Kate. Sonny says Kate crossed a line and to not tell her that he sent Alexis.

Johnny thinks Kate’s there to press charges against him. Kate admits the sex with Connie was consensual and that she was brought in because she attacked Ewen. Delores shows up with Johnny’s gun, which Johnny says she needed a search warrant for. However, Delores says she had probable cause, thanks to Michael’s version of events. Johnny swears the gun never left his house and that Starr never had it or threatened Sonny with it. Delores says they’re going to check it for Starr’s fingerprints. Johnny says guns get lost.

Maggie is brought into the hospital. Steve tries to get her to tell him what happened, but she seems too scared of Heather. Maggie goes into cardiac arrest. Despite Steve’s attempts to save her, dies.

Starr admits to Tea that she stole Johnny’s gun, but that she’s not blaming Johnny since he’s a good guy. Starr says she wanted justice against Sonny. Starr runs into Kate and recognizes her as Sonny’s girlfriend. She is surprised to hear that Kate attacked someone. Kate is just as surprised to hear that Starr pulled a gun on Sonny and she swears Sonny didn’t cause the accident. Starr says she knows Johnny didn’t, so who could it have been?

Alexis shows up letting Kate know that she’s representing her. Tea introduces herself then makes a comment about Alexis’ reputation preceding her. Kate wonders if Sonny sent Alexis. Alexis says she knows about Ewen’s attack, the fingerprints on the paperweight, the DID and wonders what other crimes Connie may have committed.

Carly’s surprised to see Todd back in town. He says he was acquitted. She thinks he’s here to make Sonny pay. She is shocked to hear that Starr already tried and that she’s being charged with attempted murder. Todd mentions Tea being in town to help Starr. Carly mentions catching Johnny in bed with Kate and how she has a second personality, Connie.

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Todd says he doesn’t understand why Johnny would do this to someone like Carly; but that they all do things to the people they love. He says Tea is keeping him from Starr. Carly tells him not to let that happen.

Steve doesn’t understand why Maggie would do this. Why she would confess to a crime she didn’t commit than kill herself? The toxicology results come back, indicating a lethal dose of beta blockers, matching a prescription that went missing. Steve swears Maggie wouldn’t steal.

Heather asks a nurse for Steve’s mail. She adds a letter, supposedly from Maggie to it. Steve finds the letter. Olivia reads it and it’s all about how Steve has so much to live for, but Maggie doesn’t. It’s her turn to show her love for Steve by taking the blame.

Luke wants to know what’s really going on with Lulu. He tells her not to let Ronnie win or to let it change her. Lulu says it has already, that she felt so alive and realizes what she’s been missing. Lulu says she can react under pressure and wants to live life. Luke wonders what she’s going to with this.

Lulu jokes that she’ll go to the academy and get her own badge, much to Luke’s mock horror. Luke warns her that hunger for action is like a drug and to be careful, because he doesn’t want her to hurt herself.

Dante pays Sonny a visit and lets him know that Ronnie was responsible for the garage shooting. He’s still upset about Lulu almost being killed. Sonny tells him to let it go, to bury it with Ronnie and to be grateful for what he has. Dante doesn’t think Lulu can get past it.

Johnny’s angry that Delores is trying to railroad a grieving teenage mother, who just pointed a gun and didn’t’ shoot it. When he sees Starr, he offers to get her a lawyer, but Tea says Starr has one. Delores wonders if Johnny really cares.

Heather calls Luke to check in about lulu and to let him k now that Steve is home safe and sound. Luke wonders what she’s done.

Todd eavesdrops as Kate tells Alexis that Connie may have shot out Anthony’s tires and caused the accident.