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Anne Heche’s 'Save Me' Among NBC’s New Shows

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Save Me, starring Another World alum Anne Heche (Jamey Giddens’ favorite Vicky Hudson and Marley Love!), was among the new shows NBC ordered for 2012-2013. In the supernatural comedy, Heche portrays Beth, who believes she is a prophet.

After a near-death experience (choking on a hero sandwich), Beth is revived only to realize she now has a direct line to God. Of course, her husband Tom is skeptical and dismissive - and his mistress is all but hostile that her lover's wife is now a prophet! But when inexplicable things begin to happen, everyone's beliefs are tested. Beth starts to say and do things that shock her family and entrance her friends, but she isn't going to be your typical "fire and brimstone" prophet. Let's just say if God had a desperate housewife as His mouthpiece, Beth would be it! She is the absolute last person on Earth who would be chosen. Then again, they say He works in mysterious ways. And this one is a real mystery!

Watch Save Me's trailer and other clips after the jump. Visit Pop Confidential to watch all NBC's new show trailers. Check out NBC's Fall 2012-2013 Schedule!

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