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The Bold and the Beautiful's Joanna Johnson Comes Out as a Lesbian

The Bold and the Beautiful's Karen Spencer isn't the only one coming out of the closet; so is her portrayer Joanna Johnson. The actress-turned-producer (Hope & Faith, Make It or Break It, Fairly Legal) opened up about being a lesbian in Hollywood to TV Guide's Michael Logan. Here's a snippet:


TV Guide Magazine: With this announcement you seem to be the only officially "out" star currently in daytime soaps, even though the shows are loaded with gay actors. What's up with that?

Joanna Johnson: Daytime is a whole different world than primetime or theater or film. There's a greater intimacy between the viewers and the characters. They think you are your character. And that creates a lot of fear. Fear of rejection. I was so worried I wouldn't be employable as an actress if people knew I was a lesbian. Or that I wouldn't be believable in romance stories. I had to deal with a lot of self-loathing.

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Looks like they might have to change the name of this serial to The Bold, The Brave and the Beautiful. For more of Logan's inspiring chat with Johnson click here.