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It Wasn’t Me, It Was My Split Personality: 10 Memorable Soap Opera DID Storylines


No. 10: Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri, General Hospital

Icy, fashion bible helmer Kate Howard (Megan Ward) wasn’t in town long before everyone figured out she was really round the way girl Connie Falconeri from Bensonhurst on General Hospital. Connie had changed her name and history decades earlier to forget about the old neighborhood and her childhood sweetheart Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). The re-christened Kate did a great job keeping the past in the past, until she became involved with Sonny again as an adult. Unfortunately for Port Charles’ answer to Anna Wintour, no one informed her that dating the dimpled don meant you might need to invest more in bullet proof vests than the latest couture!

After being shot on her wedding day—and later finding out that Sonny had slept with his four-time ex-wife Carly (Laura Wright)—Kate ended things with the corrupt coffee importer. Flash forward to 2011, when Kate returned to Port Charles just in time to help a post-Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) Sonny pick up the pieces.

This time something was different about Kate (Kelly Sullivan). No, I’m not talking about the newly recast face, or the questionable style choices for a supposed fashionista. Something else about Kate was a When Kate was found standing in her bloody wedding gown, looking as nutty as a box of Cracker Jacks, fans knew something was terribly wrong with the Crimson queen.

It turned out, Connie Falconeri, the Bensonhurst version of herself that Kate Howard shed years before, was back and determined to destroy Kate and Sonny’s romance forever! So far, Connie has made a pass at her cousin Olivia’s boyfriend Steve (Scott Reeves), Kate’s shrink Dr. Ewen (Nathin Butler) and even screwed Sonny’s mortal enemy Johnny Zacchara (Brandon Barash) to make her goal a reality.

Those aforementioned stunts were tame compared to what she did to poor Ewen’s skull when he tried to have her committed! Then there’s that whole business of the gun found in Kate’s office, that was used to shoot out Anthony Zacchara’s (Bruce Weitz) tires, thus killing Starr Manning’s (Kristen Alderson) family. I wonder, if Kate/Connie turns out to be responsible for Cole and Hope’s deaths, will Starr will be able to forgive her? I mean, practically the songbird's entire family back home in Llanview suffers from DID, so she should be sorta empathetic, no?


No. 9: Jessica Buchanan/Tess/Bess/Wes, One Life to Live

Some girls get their eyes from their mothers; others their witty personalities, or curvy bottoms. What Jessica Buchanan (Bree Williamson) inherited from her mama, however, isn’t anything to write a hip-hop song about! When Niki Smith, the rowdy alter of distinguished publishing queen Victoria Lord (Erika Slezak) took Viki’s young daughter to a bar—inadvertently allowing the child to be molested—Jessie’s alternate personality Tess took over to help Jessica endure the tragedy.

When Tess re-emerged many years later, she wasn’t nearly as concerned with keeping Jess safe, as she was behaving like a wannabe Paris Hilton, complete with the bed-hopping and the social diseases. Much like her mother Viki split into both the outrageous Niki and sensible, gatekeeper Jean personas, Jess not only had Tess, but know-it-all Bess lurking beneath her alabaster skin. If that wasn’t kooky enough, at one point our troubled heroine also morphed into a horny, hetero dude named Wes! It's a wonder the Lord-Buchanans didn't set up a Friends and Family discount plan at St. Ann’s psychiatric hospital.


No. 8: Beth Raines/Lorelei, Guiding Light

The township of Springfield was mourning the loss of heroine Beth Raines (Beth Chamberlin), when Bill Lewis (Daniel Cosgrove) happened upon a sassy, Southern fried Beth doppelganger named Lorelei Hills in 2001 on Guiding Light. Wild, wanton Lorelei was nothing like pristine Beth, and proved it by having a raunchy fling with the much younger Bill and later getting mixed up with the late Beth's nefarious husband, Prince Edmund (David Andrew McDonald) of San Cristobel!

Edmund hired Lorelei to impersonate Beth. He wanted to strike back at his beloved's wealthy, former in-laws, the Spauldings. Little did he (or Lorelei) realize, she was in fact the believed dead Beth Raines, suffering from a split personality! The Beth/Lorelei saga proved so popular, it got it's own mass market novelization, Lorelei's Guiding Light, written by Lorelei herself!


No. 7: Alexis Davis/"Kristina", General Hospital

Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) knows a thing or three about having more than one identity on General Hospital. Okay, so she never truly suffered from DID; Natasha Davidovich most certainly faked having the psychological disorder in order to beat a murder rap!

To keep from going to prison after offing maniacal arms dealer Luis Alcazar (Ted King), Alexis started sporting tacky, red wigs, successfully convincing authorities she had taken on the persona of her dead sister Kristina. You see, Lexie held Alcazar—along with her baby daddy Sonny (Maurice Benard)—responsible for the young woman's death. The fact that Alcazar also left Alexis helpless, pregnant and suffering from contractions, was enough for the usually law-abiding, legal eagle's Cassadine instincts to kick into high gear.

Although the "DID made me do it" defense (for which she cited One Life to Live's Todd Manning's own faked DID escapade) worked, it temporarily cost Alexis custody of Kristina (daughter, not dead sister). The infant was awarded to her legal father Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth). Never fear, our plucky Alexis decided to dress up as a male butler named Dobson to infiltrate the Quartermaine mansion and be close to her tyke.  Kate/Connie couldn't have a better attorney handling her case. 

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No. 6: Kimberly Brady/Lacey/Clare, Days of Our Lives

All it took for tragic, Days of Our Lives heroine Kimberly Brady Donovan's (Patsy Pease) DID to be trigged was a hit-and-run accident. The trauma resulted in Kim flashing back to unspeakable sexual abuse at the hands of her uncle Eric. Enter Kim's alters Lacey and Clare, who ran amuck in Salem during 1992-93. 

While other soap heroines with DID tend to have at least one non-murderous alter, BOTH Lacey and Clare were out for blood! Lacey killed a man who tried to rape Kim and Clare shot Kim's big brother Roman (Wayne Northrop). Luckily, Kim's sister-in-law and bestie Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) was able to prove Kim wasn't in her right frame of mind when she committed those crimes against her friends, lovers and brothers.  

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No. 5: Sharlene Frame/Sharly/Kate, Another World

It isn't any wonder Sharlene Frame (Anna Holbrook) had trouble keeping her identities straight on Another World. When she was a kid, her sicko brother Jason (Chris Robinson) pimped her out to his pals for money! Sharlene's first alter—the brash, flame-haired Sharly—didn't appear until decades later, while Sharlene was newlywed to Vietnam vet Dr. John Hudson (David Forsythe). Sharly quickly got herself entangled in a steamy fling with dashing politico Grant Harrison (the late Dack Rambo). The affair resulted in Sharlene's lookalike niece Frankie (Alice Barrett) being mistakenly kidnapped by Grant's brother Ryan (Paul Michael Valley), on orders of the image-conscious Harrison patriarch Spencer (David Hedison)!

Eventually, Sharlene sought help from Dr. Taylor Benson. That heifer was more interested in giving John some of her bedside manner than helping Sharlene or Sharly! Everyone believed Sharlene had died in 1991, courtesy of an explosion caused by Dr. Benson. However, in 1994 a brunette named Kate Baker moved to Bay City with her foster children. Soon it was revealed that Kate was another of Sharlene's personalities, who had kicked in following the blast! John and Sharlene reunited and lived happily ever after — until he cheated with one of her best pals, romance novelist Felicia Gallant (Linda Dano).  


No. 4: Eden Capwell/Lisa/Channing/Suzanne, Santa Barbara

While childhood sexual abuse is generally what causes DID, Santa Barbara's Eden Capwell Castillo's (Marcy Walker) bout with the mental illness was triggered by having witnessed one of her mother Sophia's (Judith McConnell) extramarital trysts with Lionel Lockridge (Nicholas Coster) as a young girl. Decades later (and just in time for Walker to exit the series in 1991!), Eden's DID flared up, causing her to morph into her dead brother Channing, who promptly shot Sophia! This turn of events recalled the soap's origin story, which saw Sophia accidentally killiing Channing five years prior to SB's 1984 premiere. Eden also split into a bitchy dame named Lisa for a time.

Sadly, Eden went tumbling over the side of a cliff to a watery death, amid her struggles with multiple personalities. Or so we thought! Shortly after Eden's "death", her widower Cruz (A Martinez) met an artist named Suzanne. Whaddya know, Suzanne was really Eden! Eventually Eden left town and Cruz started dating the real Suzanne (Terri Garber), who had been a girlhood chum of Eden's.


No. 3: Dr. Sonni Carrera/Solita, Guiding Light

Perhaps the most convoluted multiple personality story in the history of soaps was that of Dr. Sonni Carrera (Michelle Forbes) and her twin sister/alter Solita on Guiding Light from 1987-89. Sonni was the first wife of Oklahoma oil scion Josh Lewis (Robert Newman). The presumed dead, Venezuelan beauty turned up in Springfield just in time to catch Josh on the rebound from Reva Shayne (Kim Zimmer). The pair picked up where they left off, and eventually remarried. Too bad for Josh, Sonni was screwing his best friend Will Jeffries, and plotting to kill the Lewis Oil exec!

It was ol' obliging Reva to the rescue when Will and Sonni (Whom he called "Solita") caused Josh to drive off a bridge to an icy death (What was it with Jeva and bridges?!). After believing she had killed Will, "Solita" was stunned when he turned up alive. She convinced him that it was Josh who had tried to murder him. However, by that point Reva had shown Josh photographic proof of Will and Sonni/Solita's dastardly affair. Perpetual thorn in the Lewis clan's side, Alan Spaulding (Christopher Bernau and Daniel Pilon) got himself all up in the Sonni/Solita mix and ended up getting shot by the loca chica for his efforts!

By this point in time, everyone believed Solita wasn't really Solita, she was Sonni (Whew!). Will and Sonni/Solita managed to kidnap Reva and Alan, holding them hostage at the old Carrera estate, where they planned to off them both. This time it was Bud to the rescue! Will was once again presumed dead—at the hands of his lady love— and Sonni, Solita, or whoever this trick was calling herself by this point, was taken back to Springfield to stand trial.

When "Sonni's" testimony proved to have more holes in it than a Swiss cheese sandwich served at Company, Josh and Reva headed to Venezuela to figure out what was what and who was who! They found "Solita's" grave and wrongly assumed "Sonni" had killed her sister. As it turned out, Sonni had caugh a major beat down by the girls' vile padre, when the old man saw whom he thought had been Solita and Will in a clench. The jerk couldn't even tell his own daughters apart! Not that it mattered, because when the real Solita came home, he beat her tail too! Devastated, Solita killed herself and Sonni took on her dead sister's persona out of guilt. Not exactly Sweet Valley High, huh?


No. 2: Carrie Marler/Carrie Todd, Guiding Light

For Ross Marler (Jerry verDorn) Carrie Todd (Jane Elliot) was more than simply the girl who got away on Guiding Light circa 1981-82. When blackmailing, double dealers Diane Ballard and Joe Bradley both turned up dead, no one suspected fun-loving Spaulding Enterprises employee Carrie may be the culprit. That is until Carrie confessed by mailing half the population of Springfield suicide notes, copping to the crimes!

It turned out, Carrie's life had been ruined by Diane, who had caused Carrie's husband Todd to kill himself, following an accounting scheme gone wrong back in Milwaukee. Carrie was so distraught over losing the man she loved, she had to be institutionalized, while the baby she bore Todd was put up for adoption! If that wasn't enough to make someone push a wench into a fireplace, I don't know what was! 

Swell gal that she was, Carrie accidentally offed Joe, while trying to convince him not to blackmail Ross and their friends. After Carrie vanished without a trace, Ross tracked her down and ultimately discovered the woman was suffering from three distinct split personalities. In 1982, all of the Carries headed for England for therapy, leaving and Springfield behind.


No. 1: Victoria Lord/Niki Smith/Tori/Jean/Tommy, One Life to Live

There isn't enough HTML code to properly sum up Victoria Lord's (Gillian Spencer, Erika Slezak) battles with DID, as they spanned the soap opera One Life to Live's entire run (1968-2012). As it was originally conceived, reserved, WASPy Viki split into bar-hopping Niki Smith as a result of all the pressures placed on her by her tyrannical father, publishing tycoon Victor Lord.

It was later revealed that Viki's split personalities were the result of something much more sinister — the girlhood sexual abuse Viki suffered at the hands of the Lord partriarch! For decades, Viki struggled to keep Niki and her other various alters (Jean, Tori, Tommy) at bay. For some reason (namely Sweeps periods and Daytime Emmy reels), she never quite managed to stay integrated though. We wouldn't have had it any other way!

Photo Credit: ABC