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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam checks up on McBain, to make sure Jason didn’t kill him.  John explains that Jason found his bug. He swears he doesn’t care about Jason, just Sonny.  Sam’s curious why he wants to take down Sonny and swears she won’t tell Jason.  John says Sonny hurt someone he cares about and has a limited time to get Sonny. 

Jason finds Liz at Kelly’s with Aiden and Emma.  Emma’s frustrated, wanting first daddy, then mommy.  Jason tells Emma that he was friends with her mom and that he closes his eyes to picture her.  Emma explains that mommy is in heaven. Liz says mommy will always be in her heart.  Liz explains to Jason that Patrick is working at Mercy, to deal with his grief and she’s taking care of Emma.  She mentions how Aiden reminds her of Lucky and Jake of Jason.  Jason says he likes talking about Jake. He then explains that Sam is at the hotel to be close to McBain. 

Anna rings Patrick’s doorbell, but assumes he isn’t home when he doesn’t answer and leaves.  Epiphany shows up and insists that Patrick open up. She says she’s been covering for him at work and he needs to clean up and get back there.  Patrick says he’s not ready, but Epiphany gives him Ewen’s file. Patrick says to have Maruchi do it.  Pif tells him that he’s the man for the job. She insists Ewen is one of their own and it’s time to step up.  She tells him to look in the mirror, to see what Emma sees and decide if that’s the person he wants to be. 

Heather calls Luke to talk about what they did for their children.  Luke’s determined to get a new phone number.  Anna wonders if he’s avoiding his creditors, but Luke explains that Heather won’t leave him alone.  Anna sort of jokes that Heather is a psycho and he needs to get rid of her.  Luke says there’s something about her when she smiles, that he likes. 

Olivia overhears Heather tell Luke that she did something to help Steven. Olivia wonders what that is.  Heather claims she prayed and it all worked out since Steve is no longer in police custody. Steve still can’t believe what Maggie did.  Neither can Olivia, but Heather assures them that some women commit desperate acts.  She wants them all to go to Kelly’s to celebrate Steve’s freedom.  

Todd overhears Kate tell Alexis that she thinks Connie caused the accident. Before he can hear anymore, the police toss him out. Tea checks in to the Metro Court. Carly is intrigued by her, until Tea finds out that Todd is staying there and hasn’t left town as promised.  The two get into it about Todd.  Tea doesn’t want Carly defending him to her.

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Tea is angry with Todd when he shows up at the hotel. She tells him Starr doesn’t want to hear from him and that he should leave.  Carly jokes that she likes his other ex better.  

Alexis wonders why Kate is so sure. Kate explains that she had two blackouts that night and that Connie had means and motive to do it.  Kate says she blacked out than was found by Ewen on the pier than left and has no memory of getting back to her office. 

Alexis asks how she got the gun and says she needs to speak with Connie.  Kate says Ewen did the hypnosis, but Alexis thinks she can get another shrink.  Kate’s scared that hypnosis will confirm that the gun was hers. Alexis needs to construct a defense.  Kate says she should confess so Connie can’t cause more trouble. However, Alexis tells her not to say anything to anyone. 

Jason explains to Liz how John saved Sam’s life and that he loves Sam, but doesn’t know if he can love Franco’s baby.  Liz says it’s a lot to work through and that he’ll fall in love with the baby the minute he sees and holds it.  Jason’s not sure if it will be too late for him and Sam. Liz explains how Ewen needs brain surgery and is shocked that Kate’s attack was so violent. 

Anna and Luke run into Liz and the kids.  Jason says he has something to say to Luke about Jake and thanks him for setting up the charity in Jake’s name.  Pif shows up and tells Liz that Patrick hasn’t left home for weeks so Liz decides to check in on him.  She asks Anna to watch Emma and Luke offers to watch Aiden.  When Heather stops by, she isn’t happy to see Luke with Anna and the kids. 

Sam’s feels the baby kicking and tells John but then feels badly that she isn’t sharing it with Jason.  She jokes that she’ll have to have Alexis as a labor coach.  She gets a call from Molly who wants to celebrate Sam’s birthday, but she puts her off.  John wishes her a happy birthday and then gives her motel soap as a gift. 

Tea stops by to see John. She and Sam congratulate each other on their pregnancies.  When Sam leaves, Jason stops her in the hall to wish her a happy birthday.  She asks if he wants to come in and talk but he’s not interested and leaves.  

Liz shows up at Patrick and he admits he’s been having a hard time but that he’s sorry he lied to her.  She tells him he can make it up to her by doing Ewen’s surgery. 

Todd tells Carly that he overheard Kate telling her lawyer that Connie caused the accident and wants to know who Connie is.  Carly tells him that she’s Kate’s duel personality.