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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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At Sam’s appointment, she explains to Kelly that she’ll be doing Lamaze classes with Alexis, because Jason is still not sure if he can accept the baby.  Kelly tells Sam that her blood pressure is a little high and that she needs to relax. She learns her iron is low and the baby will need to be tested after it’s born. Otherwise, she’s on track for a healthy baby. 

Molly tells Alexis that she’s going to school with a friend, so Alexis leaves. Alexis runs into Sean at Kelly’s. The two talk about putting limits on Molly and TJ.   Meanwhile TJ shows up at Molly’s. The two start kissing. Molly’s worried that they’ll get caught if they aren’t careful, but that it’s unreasonable for Alexis to forbid them to see each other. 

Todd tries to see Starr, to warn her about Kate. However, the police won’t allow it, nor will they take his money when he tries to bribe them.  He gets thrown out of the station. 

Kate and Starr are sharing adjoining cells.  Kate says she has something to say, but Starr thinks it’s about Sonny’s innocence. She doesn’t want to hear it.  Starr talks about becoming a mom and her life with Cole. She wonders why this happened to her.  Kate asks if knowing who caused the accident would lessen her grief, but Starr doesn’t think so. 

Spinelli brings a photo of Lisa’ murder to Jason. He explains that Matt is the killer, but Maxie took the blame.  He wants to bring the photo to the DA to exonerate Maxie without telling them that it’s Matt.  Spin asks about Sam, but Jason tells him that he didn’t want to talk to her.  Spin tells him not to give up hope. 

Johnny gives Carly a charm bracelet she once said she wanted as a child.  Carly’s wants nothing to do with it, despite Johnny telling her that he wants to make it up to her.  Carly says she won’t forget seeing him in bed with Kate.  Johnny grabs Carly’s arm as Todd shows up and tells him to get his hands off her.   

Johnny says it doesn’t concern Todd. Todd realizes this is the Johnny who cheated on Carly. He calls him an idiot for letting a good thing go.  Carly introduces them and Todd wonders how Johnny knows Starr.  Johnny says Starr stole his gun to go after Sonny and that he bought out her contract.  Todd tells him to stay away from Starr and Carly.  Carly tells Johnny that they are over and gives him back the bracelet.  Johnny tells her to throw it away if she doesn’t want it. 

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Carly tells Todd she can take care of herself, but Todd’s angry with Johnny for working Starr and giving her the gun.  Carly reminds him Starr stole the gun.  Todd feels he needs to tell Tea about Johnny. He is worried about Kate being in the cell beside Starr. 

Carly asks if he’s sure he heard Kate say that Connie was the shooter because she has a hard time believing it.  Todd feels Kate is responsible.  Carly asks if he’s planning on exacting the same revenge he would have on Sonny. He can’t go after Kate because she’s sick.  Todd says he knows about DID, as it runs in his family, and that it’s not an excuse for bad behavior.  Todd says Connie doesn’t get a free pass. 

Michael and Sonny briefly talk about Ronnie and Starr before Alexis shows up.  She feels Molly is testing her.  Michael offers to swing by the house to take Molly to school.  Alexis tells Sonny that she saw Kate and things are more complicated.  Sonny wants to know if she can get Kate off of the assault charges and how.  Alexis claims attorney client privilege.  Sonny says Kate has no control. She did not intend to harm Ewen and that Alexis should plead an insanity defense. 

When Michael gets to the lake house, he is shocked to catch Molly and TJ kissing.  Molly admits they’re seeing each other behind Alexis’ back and have been since the party.  Molly begs Michael not to say anything, but he doesn’t want her to do stupid stuff like he did and mentions sex.  Molly swears they aren’t and have no plans to.  Michael promises not to say anything, but figures Alexis will find out and be very angry. 

Kate tells Starr that the accident was random, that no one wanted the family to die, but Starr feels that whoever did it needs to pay.  Kate wants to tell Starr the truth, but Alexis shows up and warns Kate not to say anything and asks for time alone with Kate. 

Kate says it’s heartbreaking to hear Starr’s story and that she needs to know the truth.  Kate wants to let Connie out because she needs to know what happened that night. 

Johnny runs into Sonny and wants to say something, but Sonny is not interested.  Shawn butts in with a comment about Carly. Sonny says Carly dumped Johnny.  Johnny wants Sonny to blame him and not Kate.  Sonny thinks Johnny is just making excuses for Kate, but Johnny defends Kate because she’s sick. She loves Sonny, but that Connie hates him. It was all her doing.  Johnny feels it’s the right thing to do because of Carly. 

Sonny says Carly doesn’t care about Johnny, but he says he’ll do anything to get her back and that Kate loves Sonny and doesn’t deserve to lose him. 

Michael stops by to see his mother. Carly tells him Starr was arrested for trying to shoot Sonny.  Michael explains that he saw it happen. Todd arrives to hear Michael say that he was the one who turned Starr in and will be the key witness.