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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Spinelli gives the DA the photo, but the DA wants to know who’s in the photo.  Alexis points out that it’s clearly a man and not Maxie. She asks that the confession be set aside.  The DA disagrees.  The DA thinks the photo could be a forgery. Unless the man can be identified he’s not convinced.  The judge agrees and wants the confession to stand. 

Maxie meets with Matt, who’s upset to see that she has a black eye.  Matt tells her she’ll be getting out soon, because Spinelli found a photo showing a man killing Lisa.  Maxie’s upset that Spin went against her wishes to leave it alone.  Matt thinks Patrick did it and blocked out the memory.  Maxie says it wasn’t Patrick. 

Alexis tells Sonny that she spoke with Kate and that assaulting Ewen is the least of her problems.  All she’ll tell Sonny is that she believes Kate’s story and wants another psychiatrist to get Connie out.  

Tea lets Starr know that Todd is still in town, which could complicate things.  She’s worried about Michael’s testimony. Tea says she’s done some digging about him and knows that he’s been convicted before. She will use it to discredit him.  Starr doesn’t want her using dirty tricks and that she doesn’t blame Michael.

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Starr says she and Michael understand each other. They have a connection and not to use Claudia’s murder.  Tea promises to let it drop for now.  She says the arraignment is later today and for Starr to be contrite, calm, sincere and to plead not guilty.

Todd introduces himself to Michael, who’s now on his hit list.  Carly isn’t happy with the threats.  Michael says Starr tried to kill his father and he’s going to tell the court.  Todd says Starr was grief stricken. Michael understands Starr’s loss, but she could try again.  He says he trusted her once and won’t again.  Todd asks if Michael has compassion, but Michael says he has to do what he has to do. 

Liz is concerned that Ewen won’t have the best to operate. She didn’t know how bad things were with Patrick.  Epiphany says people grieve in their own way. Patrick shows up, ready to work. He says he’s doing it for Robin. 

Patrick apologizes to Liz for lying and Liz is just glad to see him back.  Epiphany wonders what it was that got him off the couch. Patrick says it was her.  She says she wasn’t sure he was listening, but Patrick says he took a look in the mirror and didn’t like what he saw.  Patrick thanks her for that push. Pif says he has a lot of people in his corner.  Patrick worried he’s pushed Matt away.  Pif says she’s proud of him and Patrick says that’s worth a lot. 

Todd goes to Sonny to ask him to drop the charges, but Sonny says Starr is on the hook for trying to kill him.  Sonny says he has nothing to do with the accident. Todd says he believes him.  He promises Starr won’t come after him again. If Sonny doesn’t get Michael to back off, Todd will tell the DA that Connie was responsible for the accident. 

Carly tells Michael that he doesn’t have to testify, but Michael questions whether she would let it go if something happened to Joss and Jax.  Michael mentions Johnny again, but Carly shuts him down, saying Johnny was with her that night.  She remembers what Todd said about Connie.  She understands that Michael trusted Starr and cared about her. This is how Starr paid him back and asks if that’s why he’s throwing her to the wolves.  Michael says none of it changes the fact that Starr is guilty. 

Maxie tells Matt that Patrick isn’t the killer.  Matt realizes that she’s known all along who it was and asks who.  Alexis explains that the judge and the DA don’t want to look like fools for convicting Maxie of something she didn’t do.  Spin says he has something to say and that Maxie is not a murderer.  The judge asks if Spinelli knows who the killer is. And after much back and forth, Spinelli says it was Matt Hunter. Maxie tells Matt that he’s the killer.