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Sizzle Meter: Who Should EJ Be With on Days of Our Lives, Sami or Nicole?

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EJ (James Scott) can be a diabolical villain on Days of Our Lives, but other times he’s self aware, understanding and wise beyond his mustache-twirling, SORASed years. We’ve seen much more of the level headed EJ lately. From his emotional back-and-forth with Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), to his resolute belief that Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) baby is his and the comforting shoulder he's been providing for Sami to cry on, he’s been practically Zen lately!

 EJ’s recent scenes with Sami and Nicole have kept my loyalties divided. When he’s with Nicole, talking about the baby he is certain is his, I want them to reunite.  When he’s with Sami, providing sage advice about how to handle Will’s revelation, it reminds me of the best of EJami’s chemistry. I’m almost certain episodes like Wednesday’s are designed to drive me insane!

Who would you like to see EJ end up with?

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