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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Todd wants Sonny to convince Michael to recant and thereby save both Starr and Kate.  Todd claims he heard Kate tell Alexis that she caused the accident as Connie.  He tells Sonny to keep Kate out of prison and get her help.  Sonny says he no longer cares about Kate, so this means nothing.  Todd’s surprised at Sonny’s lack of caring for a woman he once loved. 

Tea wants Starr to avoid further conversations with Kate, even though Starr feels that Kate has helped her.  When Kate is returned to her cell, Starr asks what it was Kate wanted to tell her earlier. However, Kate remembers Alexis’ words and simply says she’s sorry for her loss and wishes her luck in court.  Tea asks Kate for help, but Kate says Sonny won’t listen to her.

Spinelli claims that Maxie saw Matt kill Lisa.  He says he promised Maxie he wouldn’t tell.  Felicia understands Maxie was protecting Matt, but questions why Matt would let Maxie take the fall. Mac explains that Matt was too drunk to remember anything.  Alexis wants full disclosure.

Alexis wants the sentence vacated, but the DA says its hearsay. The judge agrees it’s not enough.  The DA says he needs Maxie to testify and corroborate Spin’s story.  He asks that Maxie sign a formal agreement agreeing to this.

Maxie tells Matt that she saw him kill Lisa and she’s been protecting him ever since.  Matt denies it, saying he would have remembered. She reminds him he was stinking drunk at the time.  She tells him she saw him kill Lisa with the wrench and wander off.  She went looking for Matt and found the dead captain instead. 

Matt wonders why Maxie didn’t say anything before. Maxie explains she wanted to protect him and going to Anthony. He killed the first mate and her being an accessory.  Matt can’t believe Maxie kept this to herself, but realizes that she told Spinelli.  Maxie feels Spin can be trusted not to tell anyone.  Matt says he won’t let her rot in jail and that he has to come forward and confess. 

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Tracy’s at the boathouse, imagining various ways to kill of Anthony.  When he shows up, she offers to take him out on a boat ride.  Luke watches from the window as Anthony agrees, but Tracy reaches over with a rope. Anthony catches her and wonders what she’s planning on doing with it.  Tracy deflects and when Anthony heads off to get his swimsuit, Luke tackles Tracy and asks what she’s doing. 

Tracy says she’s taking matters into her own hands. She says Anthony is bluffing about turning her in, since it would affect the legacy he’s leaving to Johnny.  Tracy says he’s brought violence into her home. She wants to protect her family.  Luke says he’s changed his mind and will arrange it for her. 

Spinelli decides he needs to be the one to tell Maxie and get her signature.  He says she won’t be easily swayed and he broke his promise.  Felicia wishes there was more she could do and feels she doesn’t have a place in Maxie’s life anymore.  Mac feels its right to trust Spinelli, that he does care for Maxie and Spin can make her come to her senses. 

Alexis returns to the PCPD to see Kate, who says she wishes she didn’t have to go through this alone.  Sonny shows up and Kate realizes he hired Alexis to help her and thanks him.  Kate gets taken into a room to wait for Alexis. Connie speaks to her from the mirror. 

In the courtroom, Starr wishes her mom were there for her, as Todd shows up instead.  Starr asks him not to make a scene.  Todd tells Tea that he knows something and mentions Kate’s name.  The judge asks how Starr pleads. Todd speaks for her, pleading not guilty.  The DA argues that it was a violent offence and Starr has the resources to flee. He asks for no bail, which the judge agrees to. 

Sonny tells Alexis that Todd heard her conversation with Kate. He asks if Kate caused the accident.  Alexis says Kate has no memory and that’s why she wants to bring Connie out.  Sonny says he wants to hear it from Connie’s mouth that she caused the accident. 

Maxie begs Matt not to confess, that he’s needed at the hospital to help people.  He doesn’t think she should sacrifice herself and can’t promise anything.  Spinelli is shocked to see her black eye, but Maxie’s more interested in the security footage that Spin found.  She figures he hasn’t said anything about Matt.

Anthony overhears Luke tell Tracy that they’re going to get rid of him. 

Kate yells at Connie to tell her if she caused the crash.