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The Young and The Restless Scoops and Summer Spoilers!

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Sharon: She clues Victoria in on a tidbit hidden away in Billy's past.


Ricky/Cricket/Danny/Phyllis: The sociopath reporter is close to learning all about the dirty deeds from Phyllis' past. Ricky grills Cricket for some info on his nemesis, but she flips the script on him by wanting to know more about his mysterious past! Ricky heads to Danny's concert, posing as a reporter wanting to write about Romalotti's music. When he starts to pry about Phyllis and Danny's marriage, the rocker starts to wonder what's really going on. Once Danny shuts Ricky down, he calls Red and gives her the 411 about what happened. She quickly figures out it was Ricky!

Danny lets his ex know Ricky has a bulls eye painted on her back and to be careful. Meanwhile, Cricket fills Paul in on Ricky being obsessed with Phyllis. Paul shares his plans to get information from Ricky's ex-pal Craig regarding Ricky's dead girlfriend Rachel. While Paul thinks he's getting the jump on Ricky, his son gets word from his old college friend that his dad has been sniffing around. Ricky is desperate to keep his past hidden, as Paul is on the brink of discovering the real story behind his vengeful son.

Michael: The legal eagle gets offered the position of Genoa City's district attorney, putting a strain on his marriage.

Danny/Christine: The chemistry between the two is still there.

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Noah/Eden: The ex-couple have a peculiar living arrangement.

Summer Spoilers

Victor/Nikki/Jack: Even though Mr. Moneybags is sniffing around Sharon, you better believe he still wants Nikki all for himself. Victor is determined to bust up her relationship with Old Smilin' Jack by hook or crook! Meanwhile, the fight for Beauty of Nature isn't over and Victor just might wind up losing both BON and Nikki to his arch rival.

Tucker/Ashley: The rebel billionaire will fight hard to get his wife back and it just may pay off.

Michael/Lauren: Trouble in paradise looms for Genoa City's only solid couple. Michael's new gig has a spotlight on him and it makes Lauren very edgy, considering the things she's been dealing with. The two are going to have major issues.

Heather: The barrister returns when Michael offers her the ADA job.

Ricky/Phyllis/Nick: Watch for him to hit paydirt with the information he finds out about Phyllis, which might spell trouble for Red's rekindled romance with Nick.

Genevieve: Look for her to debate making a huge choice, all for the love of her son.

Chelsea: The con artist will still be entwined in the Abbotts lives, with another hustler staying close by her side — Adam.