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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie complains about her fellow prisoners and how she won’t last the 20 years. She is grateful that Spinelli will get her out, but is glad he said nothing about Matt. Spin explains that in order to release Maxie, the judge needed more evidence and Matt had to be given up.

Tracy wants Luke to agree to help her get rid of Anthony. Luke says there will be no killing involved, since it causes more problems. Tracy says Anthony won’t be easy to get rid of. She wonders what Luke’s plan is. He says he doesn’t have one yet.

Johnny’s minion keeps him up to date on what’s happening with Starr. Anthony shows up, asking Johnny to hide him because Tracy wants to kill him. He figures he’ll have to give Tracy the divorce now, even though he was hoping to live in the lap of luxury. Anthony wants to move back in, but Johnny’s not interested.

Todd wants to work with Tea to save Starr and says he knows who killed Hope and Cole. He tells her about Kate’s DID and that she’s afraid of her alter. Tea thinks it’s all just a legal tactic to avoid prosecution. The two argue back and forth for what felt like hours. In the end Tea says it doesn’t matter who’s responsible for the accident, because Starr still held Sonny at gunpoint.

Sonny and Alexis watch as Kate talks to Connie in the mirror. Alexis leaves to find the shrink while Sonny listens as Kate asks Connie for the truth, since it cost her everything, especially Sonny. Sonny starts to cry. Kate asks Connie to tell her if she caused the accident. She wants to know where she went that night, after she left the pier. Kate asks if she killed that family. Sonny runs in the room and tells Kate that he’s there for her, but Connie emerges.

Matt tells Liz that he went to see Maxie and that she might be released. Patrick comes out of surgery and lets Liz know that Ewen will be fine. Matt is thrilled to see his brother off the couch. Patrick says he listened to everyone. Matt says Maxie might be released. Patrick is happy for him and that he’s there for him. Patrick says he wouldn’t have gotten through this without Matt and that they’re a family now.

Later on, Patrick tells Liz that Ewen is asking for her. Matt says it’s good to have him back. Patrick is feeling hopeful for the first time since robin’s death.

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Spinelli says he was forced to give up Matt. Maxie doesn’t belong in prison. Maxie understands, until he tells her that he also was forced to mention that she witnessed the murder. Maxie yells that she trusted him, but then wonders if it’s enough to get her released. Spin gives her the papers and says she needs to sign them and then testify against Matt. Maxie says she’ll sign, but then pretend amnesia. Spin says she can’t recant once she signs, or she’ll be charged with perjury. Maxie says she told Matt not to confess and tells Spinelli to stop meddling.

Todd says he went to Sonny to get Michael to recant, but Sonny doesn’t seem to care about Kate anymore. He’s sure that Sonny won’t give up on Kate and will come through for them.

Tracy calms down and returns. Luke swears he’ll get rid of Anthony, since he has her vested interest at heart. He’s sad that Tracy doesn’t smile anymore, and he misses that. She’ll always have a piece of his heart. The two kiss and Tracy agrees to let Luke work his magic, but tells him that if his plan doesn’t succeed, they’re going ahead with a murder.

Connie says Kate isn’t here, that Sonny drove her away, but that she’s tougher than Kate. Alexis comes in, but Connie kicks her out, saying she wants to talk to Sonny alone. Connie wants to tell Sonny just how much she hates him. Sonny wants to know how he destroyed Kate. Connie mentions the wedding shooting and that she kept the dress to remind Kate of the violence. Connie blames Kate for being too forgiving, so she made Sonny turn his back on her with Johnny. Connie wonders why Sonny is still here. He says he’s not here for her, but for Kate. Sonny says Kate didn’t betray him with Johnny, Connie did.

Sonny wants to know what Connie did to sabotage Kate and what Kate will have to pay for. Connie admits to hitting Ewen. She says she saw her chance to get Sonny away from Kate the night of the accident. Sonny wants to know what Connie did.

Anthony’s angry that Johnny won’t take him in. Johnny blames Anthony for the Kate stuff, saying his grandfather pimped him out and he lost Carly. Anthony angrily says he gave Johnny everything, even saved his life with Dante and this is the thanks he gets. Anthony pulls out his gun, ready to use it.

Anthony accuses Johnny of being weak; of having weak Solito blood and that he should have done this a long time ago. Johnny says to go ahead, and they’ll be even. Anthony wants to know what that means.

Connie announces to Sonny that Johnny didn’t shoot out Anthony’s tires, she did.

Johnny announces to Anthony that Sonny didn’t shout out his tires, he did.