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Check Out These Pre-Summer Blind Items!


It's been awhile since I offered up some Blind Items, and with only four daytime soaps left in production, I will have to attempt to be trickier than usual. Here goes!

Youthful Essences: For a long stretch of time this sudser wasn't even receiving network notes; now it is, and the overarching sentiment is GO YOUNGER! This doesn't bode well for a recently-returned vet, who could soon be on his or her way out, along with the actress or actor he or she shares the majority of scenes with.

Backburnered as Punishment: This soap's showrunners could care less how popular a certain actor or actress is. The thesp-in-question is reportedly being backburnered as punishment for speaking out. Way to put the soap first, vengeful execs!

Paging Bobby Ewing:  The head writer(s) of this soap—which finds itself once again amid backstage turmoil—pitched a storyline that would basically say the last year's worth of story was all a dream. Yeah, because fans loved it so much when Dallas did that! 

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Making It Up Along The Way: This scribe hasn't written a long story in years. He or she makes arcs up week to week!

I Hate You, But I Have to Pretend I Love You: Fans wondering why their favorite couples have been separated for lengthy arcs on this soap would be shocked to know that the actors who play the characters simply cannot stand one another. Sure, there's been feuds and gripes before, but the bickering has reached the point of no return. One half of one supercouple has even begun lobbying for the return to the soap of a former screen partner, whom he or she also created soap magic with.

Jealous, Much?: This soap lead, who has driven story for the better part of a decade, is seeing green over a popular newcomer.

No Gay Today: A plan for this serial to attempt another gay story—to make up for the botched last try—was nixed before it ever reached the network level.