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11 New Soaps We Can't Wait to Lather Up With!

There may be less soap operas to watch in the daytime, but primetime and cable is about to spill over with frothy, new suds! Here's a list of 11 upcoming soaps that have us ready to do a little scrubbing!


No. 11:  Hollywood Heights, Nick-at-Night

You can bet displaced, former daytime soap opera professionals—not to mention the genre’s fans—will be paying close attention to the success or failure of Hollywood Heights this summer. If HH proves to be a hit, it could lead to a slew of similar five-day-a-week, English-launguage sudsers!

Nick-at-Nite's attempt to create, produce and market a daily soap opera at night has a lot of sudsy cred. The series is based on a telenova and is written and produced by former daytimers Josh Griffith and Jill Farren Phelps. Several daytime actors are also in the cast, including One Life to Live alum Brittany Underwood in the lead role of aspiring songwriter Loren.

Nick’s Viacom cousin TeenNick has had success with this form via imported daily dramas Degrassi and House of Anubis. Here’s hoping they can do it again when Hollywood Heights premeires at 9 pm EST, June 18 on Nick-at-Nite. Like Hollywood Heights on Facebook

Photo credit: Nick-at-Nite

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No. 10: The Following, Fox

There’s something about Kevin Williamson writing about serial killers that takes you back to your college days, when every other girl had The Rachel haircut and Third Eye Blind was blasting on the radio. The Scream franchise and I Know What You Did Last Summer scribe is tackling the subject anew in Fox's The Following, a serialized crime drama about an escaped, homicidal maniac and the legions of cult-like fans who worship him.

Kevin Bacon stars as FBI agent Ryan Hardy, who caught the SOB the first time he went on a rampage, and now must come out of retirement to stop him again. Rome’s James Purefoy plays the lethal Joe Carroll. Natalie Zea (Justified, Dirty Sexy Money, Passions) plays Claire, Joe’s ex-wife, who became romantically linked with Bacon’s Ryan during the first investigation. The Following will air at midseason on Fox. For Fox's complete Fall 2012-13 lineup, click here!

Photo credit: Fox


No. 9: Political Animals, USA

From TV wunderkind Greg Berlanti (Everwood, Brothers & Sisters) comes this political soap, starring the big screen’s most famous Alien slayer Sigourney Weaver. Former First Lady and current Secretary of State Elaine Barrish (Weaver) is aggressive, ambitious and strong-willed, yet she's still having to contend with her philandering ex-husband/former POTUS Bud Hammond (Ciarán Hinds). I wonder if the working title for this sx-episode, USA series was Untitled Bill and Hilary Project? Political Animals debuts at 10 pm EST, July 15 on USA. 

Photo credit: USA


No. 8: Beauty and The Beast, The CW

Of the two Beauty and the Beast projects planned for the 2012-13 TV season, only The CW’s will make it to air. A reboot of the popular 1980’s series, this updated B&B stars Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk as Catherine and Jay Ryan as Vincent, the starcrossed beauty and beast at the story’s center.

When homicide detective Catherine witnesses her mother’s murder—and is almost killed herself, before being saved by a mysterious, half man/half beast—our story begins. Beauty and the Beast will air Thursdays at 9 pm EST this fall on The CW.

Photo credit: The CW

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No. 7: Vegas, CBS

Period pieces haven’t done very well on the Big Four in recent years. Last season ABC crashed and burned with Pan Am and NBC’s The Playboy Club was closed down shortly after opening for business.

That isn’t stopping CBS from attempting Vegas, a macho sudser about the Nevada gaming and entertainment mecca during the 1960’s. In the serial, Sheriff Ralph Lamb (film actor Dennis Quaid) faces off against Chicago mobster Vicent Savino (The Shield’s Michael Chiklis). Look for Vegas on Tuesdays at 9 pm EST this fall on CBS. For the complete CBS 2012-13 schedule, visit Pop Confidential!  

Photo credit: CBS


No. 6: Emily Owens, M.D., The CW

Seeing how well a series focused on a quirky, neurotic newbie doctor has worked out for ABC via Grey’s Anatomy, The CW will be offering up Emily Owens, M.D. this fall. The dramedy stars Meryl Streep’s daughter Mamie Gummer as the titular Emily, an intern at a prestigious, Denver hospital, where her med school crush Will (Passions and Smallville’s Justin Hartley) and high school rival Cassandra (Aja Naomi King) also work.

Okay, we’re not gonna lie. It’s Hartley who has us so excited about this so-so set up! Emily Owens, M.D. airs at 9 pm EST, Tuesdays this fall on The CW.

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No. 5:  Infamous, NBC

NBC will try their hand at a Revenge-style, soapy melodrama with Infamous, starring Think Like a Man’s Meagan Good and Breakout King’s Laz Alonzo. Good stars as Joanna Locasto, a detective who must go undercover to investigate a shocking death in the wealthy family who once employed her mother as their housekeeper.

Alonzo will play FBI agent Will Moreno. The O.C’s Tate Donovan stars as Edward Bowers, a member of the secretive, pharmaceutical dynasty Joanna is investigating. One Life to Live alum Bree Williamson will be playing Vivian Bowers, the slain heiress at the center of Infamous’ storyline when it premieres at midseason on NBC. 

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No. 4: 666 Park Avenue, ABC

Adapted from the novel by Gabriella Pierce, 666 Park Avenue is about a sexy, young couple (Brothers & SistersDave Annable as Henry and Transformers Rachael Taylor as Jane), who take on a dream gig managing an exclusive apartment building on one of the world’s most glamorous streets. The dream quickly turns into a nightmare, when deadly, supernatural occurrences begin threatening the lives of the occupants.

Lost’s Terry O’Quinn stars as spooky building owner Gavin Doran. Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives’ diva Vanessa Williams plays Gavin’s posh wife Olivia. One Tree Hill’s Robert Buckley and Chuck’s Mercedes Masohn are also regulars, as Brian and Louise Leonard, a married couple who live in the building. He’s a playwright; she’s a photographer. 666 Park Avenue will air at 10 pm EST, Sundays this fall on ABC.

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No. 3: Mistresses, ABC

Based on the hit BBC drama of the same name, ABC’s Mistresses is the steamy story of four female friends involved in a myriad of scandalous relationships — often times with married men. Who’s The Boss?Melrose Place and Charmed alum Alyssa Milano leads the cast as Sarah, a frustrated, married lawyer, who has an inappropriate connection with Dominic Montgomery (Sunset Beach and Grey’s Anatomy’s Jason George).

Rochelle Aytes, Yunjin Kim and Jes Macallan round out the core cast. From John Wells Productions—the same team who successfully adapted Brit dramedy Shameless for Showtime—Mistresses is sure to be a hit when it premieres next summer on ABC.

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No. 2:  Nashville, ABC

We’d be ready to boot, scoot and boogie about this country music-set sudser even if it didn’t boast several of our favorite daytime alums among its cast! From Oscar-winning screenwriter Callie Khouri (Thelma & Louise), ABC’s Nashville centers on Rayna James (Friday Night Lights’ Connie Britton), an aging country singer, who must contend with fresh, young thing Juliette Barnes, played by HeroesOne Life to Live and Guiding Light alum Hayden Panettiere

Santa Barbara grad Eric Close plays Rayna’s husband Teddy—who lives off of her fortune—and General Hospital’s favorite son, Jonathan Jackson, portrays bad ass, songwriter Avery Davis. Yep, this particular tune will definitely be playing on our jukeboxes when Nashville airs this fall at 10 pm EST on Wednesdays.

Photo credit: ABC


No. 1: Dallas, TNT

This mega soap isn’t exactly new; in fact it’s the continuation of the most popular primetime sudser of all time. There’s no way any one calling themself a soap fan will be anywhere other than glued to TNT when Dallas premieres at 9/8C on June 13!

J.R. (Larry Hagman), Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Sue Ellen (Linday Gray) Ewing are all back for the 10-week, re-visitation of the classic CBS drama about a feuding, Texas oil family. Desperate Housewives’ alums Brenda Strong, Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe represent the new generation of Ewings, as Bobby’s latest wife Ann Ryland Ewing; J.R. and Sue Ellen’s nefarious son John Ross and Bobby and Pam’s adopted offspring Christopher, respectively.

Jordana Brewster appears as Elena Ramos, daughter of the Ewing maid—whom both cousins love— while Julie Gonzalo stars as Christopher’s fiancé Rebecca Sutter. Look for guest appearances from several stars from the original 1978-91 serial, including Ken Kercheval as J.R.’s arch nemesis Cliff Barnes, Steve Kanaly as illegitimate Ewing son Ray Krebbs and Charlene Tilton as J.R. and Bobby’s busty, manipulative niece Lucy.  

Photo Credit: TNT

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