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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Shawn wonders why Carly is still holding onto the bracelet Johnny gave her. Carly tosses it in the trash.  She thinks she would have been better off with Shawn. He reminds her that she had no feelings for him. They are just friends. Shawn says he’s seeing someone else. He wonders what kind of person cheats and then expects to be forgiven.  Carly says she does and explains that she cheated on Jax with Sonny after Michael’s institutionalization.  She says Jax forgave her, yet she can’t forgive Johnny.  After he leaves, Carly fishes the bracelet out of the garbage.

Molly and TJ are hanging out when Sam shows up to take Alexis to the Lamaze class with her.  Molly doesn’t understand why Jason isn’t going. Sam tells her they aren’t together right now. Molly wants to know what happened. Sam tells her the whole story about Franco. 

Jason stops to talk to Liz, when the Lamaze nurse recognizes him. She assumes he’s there for the class, until she realizes Sam is signed up with Alexis.  Jason says he’s there for a follow up and all is good.  Liz says she’s worried about him and wants him to patch things up. She says he needs to talk about the baby, since none of this is the baby’s fault.  Jason says Sam keeps putting McBain in the way. Liz says it’s easier to confide in a stranger, as she did with Ewen.  She asks if it’s really over. Jason isn’t sure, but wants to have his life back.  He hasn’t changed his feelings about the baby.

Alexis texts Sam that she won’t be joining her at Lamaze. She continues to listen to Connie and Sonny’s conversation.  Sonny asks if Connie is proud of herself. She says Sonny should have left Kate alone.  Sonny wants to know why Connie would want Kate to relive her worst day with the wedding dress. Connie points out she was shot too, that she felt the fear and the pain. 

Anthony thinks Johnny is lying to mess with him, but Johnny says the idea was to kill Anthony.  Anthony says there were many times Johnny could have killed him. He asks why that night so special.  Johnny says Sonny came at him at the benefit and that night he had a nightmare about Claudia. She wanted him to avenge her. 

Dante breaks down Kate’s office door guns blazing, only to find Lulu there, working on the next issue of Crimson.  He says she tripped the silent alarm and jokes that a good Spencer should know how to break and enter better than that.  Turns out the printer called Lulu when he couldn’t find Kate or Maxie and is trying to the next issue out.

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Lulu can’t believe Kate would attack Ewen. Dante asks her opinion about the gun. But again, Lulu thinks there’s no way Kate would have a gun and wouldn’t frame Sonny whom she loves.  Dante thinks its Johnny anyway, since he had motive and is capable, despite Carly’s alibi.  Lulu doesn’t believe Johnny capable. However, Dante says Johnny’s changed lately. He was furious at both Sonny and Anthony that night.  

Connie says she needed a guarantee and made it look like Sonny did the one thing Kate asked him not to, go after Anthony.  She says she got the gun, followed Anthony and shot out his tires.  Then went back to the office, where Sonny showed up, upset about Robin’s death and after grief desk sex, Connie returned to the office and planted the gun and made him look guiltier. 

Sonny can’t believe Connie did all that just to hurt him but she only wanted him to stop hurting Kate.  He asks about the child who died. Connie says it was collateral damage.  Sonny says their blood is on her hands. Connie yells that he left her no choice.  Kate re-emerges. 

Johnny tells Anthony to pull the trigger and get it over with. Anthony wonders why the desperation and isn’t buying Johnny’s story.  He says there were plenty of times Claudia was going to kill him and Johnny intervened. However, Johnny says he saw the opportunity.  He left Carly in bed, drove to the Q’s, saw Anthony leaving, followed, shot out the tires and thought Anthony was dead until he showed up the next day. 

Anthony asks about the gun in Kate’s office. Johnny says he figured he’d frame Sonny. He couldn’t get it in Sonny’s house because of the guards and the cops would need a warrant, whereas Kate’s office was out in the open.  He then came back home to bed, to Carly. 

Molly’s shocked, but glad that Sam confided in her. Sam thanks her for listening.  Molly wishes they could go back to JaSam’s wedding reception, so she could prevent Sam from leaving for Hawaii.  Molly thinks love is a lie based on everyone’s relationships falling apart, but she’s sure Jason will love the baby once it’s born.  Sam says the baby is a reminder that Jason couldn’t protect her.  Molly offers to be Sam’s Lamaze partner.  The two get to the hospital in time to see Jason and Liz hug. 

Kate’s confused and Sonny reassures her and tells her Connie came out.  She says she saw Connie in the mirror and asked about the gun.  Kate wants to know what Connie told sonny. 

Anthony says he raised Johnny like a son, loved him and grew the empire for him and has now betrayed him.  The two fight over the gun, which goes off.