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Gloria Estefan Guests on Glee’s Graduation Season Finale

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Latin icon Gloria Estefan premieres as Santana’s (Naya Rivera) mother Maribel on the season finale of Glee this Tuesday. In the episode, the Glee club says goodbye to the graduating seniors and Santana’s mom takes on her grandmother. Estefan previewed her appearance to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I tried to play the character that since she's married to a doctor, I thought she could help put him through school and she sacrificed her career because she loved music and she wanted to be famous and sing -- but then she had Santana and dedicated her life to her,"

"[Maribel's mother] was a really tough cookie and probably told her, 'You've got to get a job because you have a daughter now and you can't be looking for fame or following your music,'" she says. "Maybe she squelched her dream there."

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