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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anthony falls to the ground with a bullet hole to his side. He tells Johnny to call someone, like Steve Webber to come stitch him up. Johnny has no intention of helping his grandfather. Anthony swears he won’t tell anyone about Johnny shooting out his tires. Johnny says he’ll be dead since he will dispose of him. Someone else, namely Connie, is taking the rap for the accident.

Anthony’s confused why Connie would take the rap. Johnny explains running into Kate at the PCPD. We flashback to him telling Kate that he spoke to Sonny at Kelly’s for her. He told Sonny that Connie was real and was doing this to get Carly back. Connie emerges during the conversation and Johnny tells her to admit to shooting out Anthony’s tires so that Sonny would dump Kate for good. Connie points out that it will get her into Shadybrook.  Johnny says she can pretend to get better and then go anywhere she wants once she’s out.

Kate wants to know if Connie tried to kill Anthony. Sonny explains how things played out. He tells her that he believes her and knows it wasn’t her that slept with Johnny. Sonny says she needs help and admits the gun was Connie’s. Kate can’t believe it, that she killed that family, but Sonny tells her to be strong. Sonny says they’ll figure out a way to get through this.

As Patrick is tucking Emma into bed, she asks if Liz will be her new mommy. Patrick says Liz is just a friend, who has been helping him take care of her. He promises he’s better now, but that he’ll still need the occasional help from Liz. He’ll be ok.

Tea lets McBain know that Starr was refused bail. John tells her to use some of Michael’s past against him, but Tea says Starr won’t let her. She wonders what the deal is with John and Sam. John says Sam is staying down the hall and that they’ve talked. Tea accuses him of always wanting to rescue the damsels in distress.

Tea says the same thing happened with Natalie, but John says he only rescued Sam once. He thinks he’s making things worse for her. He explains about Jason. Tea tells him to stay away from Sam, but John assures her that he’s leaving as soon as his business with Sonny is done.

Todd runs into Carly and wants Michael to stop testifying. Carly says Michael is protecting his father, but Todd claims Starr isn’t a threat to Sonny. Carly doesn’t like Todd’s veiled threat. She warns him he’ll need to go through her to get to Michael.

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Todd says he has a plan to help Starr and explains his plan about Kate. He feels everyone would win, but Carly says Sonny is mad at Kate for sleeping with Johnny. Todd is sure Sonny will get over it and want to protect Kate. He feels he gave Starr the idea to go after Sonny and all of this is on him. He asks if she’s willing to forgive Johnny and Carly says she’s made her share of mistakes.

Michael stops by the PCPD to see Starr after his meeting with the DA. He’s sorry she didn’t get bail. Starr can’t believe how cold Michael is. He says he wanted her to heal, but she tried to kill his father. Starr points out that she never pulled the trigger.

Michael mentions seeing Todd and that he wasn’t happy that Michael was testifying. Starr says she has family, that they are important to her. Michael says it’s out of his hands and hopes they’ll go easy on her.

Jason explains that he had a follow up with Maruchi. Sam says Molly is going to be her Lamaze coach. Molly wants Jason to do it, since they should be together, despite the baby not being his. Sam drags Jason away. She explains that she told Molly the truth. Jason’s fine with her turning to her family. She says his family needs to know, which surprises him. Sam says the baby is a part of them and they will wonder why she’s raising it alone.

Jason wants her to look at alternatives, like adoption, since they’d still be able to have kids. Generous guy, that Jason. Sam says she thought about it, until she saw the sonogram and felt the baby move. She says it’s a part of her, that she loves and wants this baby and she can handle it even if he can’t.

Sonny tells Kate that he and Alexis will make this right. He tells Alexis that Kate can’t go back to her cell. Alexis says Kate needs a hospital. Sonny says she can’t tell the judge about Connie. Alexis says they’re the only ones who know about this.

Johnny says he didn’t know about the other car until he read it in the paper the next day. Anthony says their deaths are on his head. Johnny says it’s with him every day, especially when he sees a little girl. He can’t bring them back, but will make amends to Starr because he owes. Anthony tells him to listen to his conscience, that he’s a good man and to get him help because they’re family. Johnny says Anthony knows too much

Jason watches as Sam and Molly go to the class. Patrick puts a blanket on a sleeping Emma. Michael watches as Starr is taken away. Carly and Todd get fries from Kelly’s. Sonny watches as men with white coats take Kate away.

Johnny says “goodbye Grandpa” and shoots Anthony three times, dead.