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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anthony’s dead body is hanging out on Johnny’s floor, while Johnny sits there crying and wondering what he’s done.  Ghost Anthony wakes up and tells Johnny that he’ll never be rid of his grandfather. He wonders if Johnny is proud of convincing Connie to take the blame.  Ghost Anthony says Johnny is responsible for the accident and will carry the deaths on his conscience.

Luke finds Anna crying over Robin’s shampoo and explains that she’ll have moments of backsliding.  Anna says she wants to spend time with Emma, but she doesn’t know where she fits in.  Luke understands that it’s no fun being an ex spy. He jokes that they could plan a perfect crime together.  Anna complains that she always has to pretend to be in control. 

Tracy’s looking for Anthony at the boathouse, but when she doesn’t find him; heads over to Luke’s to thank him for getting rid of Anthony.  Luke says he hasn’t. Tracy wonders where her husband is and when Luke is planning what he’s planning. Luke says he has a shipping friend who will ship out with Anthony on board. When they get to Uruguay, Anthony will be arrested for stowing away and tossed in a prison.  Anna overhears, as Luke tells Tracy to get Anthony down to the boathouse.  

Spinelli runs into Matt and says he knows Matt killed Lisa. He wants to know what Matt plans on doing about it.  Matt thinks Maxie is about to be released until Spinelli explains that she refuses to sign the forms and testify against him.  Matt’s angry that Spinelli told the court about him. Spin doesn’t care, since Matt killed someone.  Apparently Spinelli holds Matt to a different standard than other killers, namely his BFF, but I digress.  Spin tells Matt to convince Maxie to sign the papers. 

Felicia visits Maxie and wants her to sign the agreement, because another deal will not be made. Maxie continues to refuse and claims she deserves to be where she is.  After Felicia leaves, a couple of inmates pay off the guard so they can mess with Maxie. They cover her with makeup.  Apparently Maxie’s in clown prison. 

Dante tells Mac that he’s following up about the car accident and thinks the suspects are either Johnny or Kate. He explains Kate being hauled off to Shadybrook.  Mac tells him to start with Johnny.  Mayor Jan shows up and fires Mac, stating all the cases that go unsolved. She wanted Sonny found guilty for the car accident.  Mac points out that he couldn’t conjure up evidence against Sonny, but the Mayor says she had no choice but to clean house. 

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Carly runs into Sonny and tells him that she knows that Kate tried to kill Anthony and that Todd offered Sonny a deal.  Sonny explains that Connie is real. He explains what happened and that Kate had a total breakdown and was sent to Shadybrook.  Carly is sorry, but wonders if Sonny is letting Johnny off the hook.  Sonny says no, but admits that Johnny came to see him and told him not to blame Kate.

Sonny figures Johnny felt guilty and wanted to get Carly back.  He says he was wrong to believe that Johnny tried to kill Anthony and frame him.  Sonny wonders if she’s believes Johnny and if she plans to forgive him.  Carly’s not sure, but asks about the deal with Todd.  Sonny says he doesn’t want everyone to know the truth about Kate. 

Dante shows up at Johnny’s wanting to talk about the car accident, but Johnny, who’s still pulling a Weekend at Bernie’s (totally an 80s reference!!), refuses to let Dante in. He reminds Dante that he has an alibi and to come back when he has a warrant.

After Dante leaves, Ghost Anthony points out that Dante asking questions about the gun means they don’t know about Connie and that Johnny’s going to go down for 3 murders.  Johnny wonders what he’s going to do with Anthony, when a text comes in on Anthony’s phone, from Tracy, telling him to meet her at the boathouse.  Johnny realizes he wasn’t’ the only one who wanted his grandfather dead. 

Felicia stops by to see Anna and complains that she doesn’t know what to do about Maxie.  She says Maxie’s worried about Matt and how Patrick needs Matt.  Felicia apologizes for crying on Anna’s shoulder. Anna says she was just crying on Luke’s.  Felicia wonders about their relationship, but Anna says they’re just friends and it would never happen.

When Dante gets back to the PCPD and tells Mac that he got nowhere with Johnny, Mac doesn’t care since he was just fired.  Dante is shocked and wants to go to bat for Mac. Mac warns him that he’s looked the other way regarding Sonny, but the next commissioner might not.  He tells Dante to keep looking into the car accident.

Matt goes to Maxie and tells her that he knows about the papers and that she needs to sign them.  Maxie admits that she just did. 

Mayor Jan shows up at Anna’s door, tells her that Mac has been fired and that she wants Anna as the new police commissioner.

Carly goes to Johnny’s, to talk.  Tracy gets to the boathouse and is shocked to find Anthony’s dead body.