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Andy McNally’s Suspension Ends on Rookie Blue

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Let the summer TV drinking games begin, and I’m not talking about Big Brother on CBS! Rookie Blue returned to the alphabet network Thursday and with it the ever in peril Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym). For a cop who was on suspension, we didn’t even make it 10 minutes into the season premiere before Andy was involved in a car accident. To participate in the Andy McNally drinking game–alcoholic beverage or not–all you have to do is down a shot any time Andy is injured, held hostage or in some form of accident.

Of course, Andy’s propensity for being in the right place at the wrong time wasn’t the only thing that happened in the premiere. We were introduced to the new rookie Nick Collins (Peter Mooney), who has a past with Gail (Charlotte Sullivan).  Chris (Travis Milne) and Noelle (Melanie Micholls-King) found themselves the faces of the department’s new ad campaign. William Shatner was the premiere episode's guest, portraying the grandfather of the missing child Andy rescued from a burning van.  Best of all, it ended right where every Rookie Blue episode usually does;  making us wonder what twist is in store for Andy and Sam’s (Ben Bass) relationship next. All-in-all Rookie Blue is off to a fun summer run.

What did you think of the Rookie Blue season premiere?

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