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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy’s shocked to find dead Anthony. When she stumbles back she finds the gun, as Luke arrives. He wonders what she’s done. The two accuse each other of the killing

Sonny finds Todd waiting for him at the restaurant. Todd wants a deal with Starr and Kate. Sonny pulls out his gun accusing Todd of having a death wish by challenging him. Sonny says he’ll take Todd out for a ride to the marsh and use his gun then throw him in the harbor.  Then he’ll toss Starr in prison and no one will know about Kate.

Todd says he’s holding back evidence. He shows Sonny a newspaper, headlining Kate as a killer. He says if anything happens to him, that version will air and Kate will go down. Todd promises not to get revenge on Kate because he knows and understands DID. While he hates Connie, Kate is blameless.

Delores and a uniformed cop show up at the Q mansion. She tells Monica they received an anonymous tip of gunshots being fired. Monica assures them that she hasn’t heard anything, but gives them the okay to look around. Luke and Tracy hear Delores coming and they drag Anthony away, but Delores still finds blood on the floor of the boathouse.

Carly tells Johnny that she knows what he did. He flashes back to killing Anthony. Carly knows he spoke to Sonny about Kate and wants to know why. Johnny says he owes Kate, since she was innocent. He knew she was sick and that Connie was dangerous. Johnny says he figured he would lose Carly eventually anyway and lost sight of what was important. Johnny says he’s broken and breaks everything he touches. Carly wonders what else he has to feel guilty about.

Johnny says he’s hurt people and he can’t undo it. Carly explains cheating on Jax with Sonny. She understands he didn’t want to hurt her. Johnny says he cares about her and didn’t mean to wreck things. He asks if Carly forgives him. Carly says not yet. Johnny says he can be patient. After Carly leaves, Ghost Anthony shows up, mocking Johnny. He says Carly will hate him when she finds out he killed a child.

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Heather runs into Sam at Kelly’s and gets all gooey about being family with the baby. Sam doesn’t want Heather saying anything about Franco. Sam says Jason knows the truth, but she doesn’t want the whole world to know. She warns Heather that she’ll tell everyone about Heather selling Franco. Heather tells Sam that she reaps what she sows. She says Sam broke the promise to give the letter to Steve and that will teach her not to break promises to heather. Sam says she’d kick Heather’s ass if she wasn’t pregnant and calls her crazy.

Sam says to stop acting crazy. Heather says she wouldn’t hurt a pregnant lady, but that Sam won’t be pregnant forever. Sam warns Heather that she’ll just add this to the list of things to tell Steve.

Olivia visits Kate at Shadybrook, who’s glad to see her, but wonders if she’s alone. Olivia asks if its Sonny that Kate is hoping to see. Olivia says Ewen will be ok. Kate explains her breakdown and that she didn’t betray Sonny with Johnny. However, Connie did something worse, but can't say it out loud. Olivia apologizes for her treatment of Kate and that she’s read about DID and Kate can get better.

Jason stops by to talk to Monica and says whatever he has to tell he must stay between them. He says he isn’t Sam’s baby’s father. He explains what happened in Hawaii and Franco’s connection to the family, thanks to Heather. Monica understands that it’s a lot to deal with. Jason’s worried he’ll see Franco when he looks at the baby.

Monica reminds him she wasn’t happy when he came along, but loved him as soon as held him. She says he was innocent and that he’ll find it in himself to do t he same. He owes it to Sam to find out.

Luke and Tracy get as far as the house with the body. Luke wonders where they should stash it. Tracy overhears Jason talking to Monica about Franco. They hear Delores coming back to the house, so they set up Anthony to look like he’s napping in the lawn chair. Delores says there was a report of gunshots, which both Tracy and Luke deny. Delores asks Anthony if he’s got a gun, but the other two claim that he’s napping and not to wake him.

Jason finds Sam at Kelly’s. He tells her about Monica. Sam says Monica can have a relationship if she wants. Sam asks Jason if he wants to join her for the next Lamaze class.

Heather shows up at the Q mansion. Monica warns her about the restraining order. Delores gets a call that forensics are in from the boathouse and heads off. Heather stumbles out to the patio to find Tracy and Anthony.