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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Todd stops by to see Starr before her court date. He promises her she’ll be getting out today. Starr wonders what he’s done, but Todd swears he hasn’t broken any laws. He has it under control. Starr’s worried that her father pissed off a mobster, who can have Todd disappeared. Todd says he and Sonny reached a mutual agreement.

Sonny wants Michael to recant his testimony and say that he didn’t see Starr try to kill Sonny. He tells Michael that Todd came to him and believes Sonny innocent. He knows who caused the accident. Michael realizes Sonny is protecting someone and can’t figure out whom.

Heather wants to know what’s going on with Lacey. She tries to offer her congratulations to the Zacharas on their wedding. She finds it rude when Anthony doesn’t respond. Monica reminds Heather about the restraining order. Tracy wonders why Monica let Heather into the house, since she’s tried to kill Edward in the past. Monica stops Heather from saying anything about Franco, but Tracy admits she already heard the news.

Monica wants Luke’s help in dealing with the news, but he says he has others things to deal with. Heather looks suspiciously, then knowingly at Anthony. Tracy and Monica argue about comparing Jason and Franco. Monica swears Jason is nothing like his twin. Tracy wants Heather to leave, but she says she’s part of the family via Susan. Monica says Heather might be related to Sam’s baby, but will never be a Quartermaine. Heather says they haven’t seen the last of her and leaves.

Sam wonders if Jason has made a decision and will he learn to love the baby. She says she doesn’t want to push him, but doesn’t want to lose him either. A reporter comes in, asking for a quote on a story that’s coming out in tomorrow’s paper about Sam, Franco and Jason. Sam says its libel and it can’t be printed. However, the reporter says it can if it’s true. Sam’s upset, even though she knew the truth would come out.

McBain leaves Anna a message, asking for an extension on the federal allowance because his time is almost up. He needs more time. John runs into Jason at Kelly’s. Jason accuses him of running the newspaper article. John denies that he would do that to Sam but admits he would use Jason to get to sonny.

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John knows that Sonny would do anything to protect Jason. Jason says Sonny is innocent of the car accident and was framed. John says that isn’t why he’s still in town, that Sonny has other crimes to answer for because it’s personal. He’s surprised Sonny never told Jason, but Jason says he knows that a woman died in Atlantic City. John says it was his sister and that it was messy. Jason says he has no proof that Sonny is guilty. However, John is determined to get Sonny and says it will be a bonus if he uses Jason to do it.

Alexis is glad that Molly filled in for her at the birthing class. Molly complains that she saw Jason and Liz hugging. Alexis explains that JaSam are taking time apart, but they still love each other. Molly lets it slip that Jason isn’t the baby’s father which shocks Alexis. Molly says Sam confided in her, but Alexis insists on knowing who the baby’s father is

Sam arrives and tells her mother that she was raped by Franco. Alexis wishes she had been told because she would have supported Sam. Sam explains everything and says for Jason, the baby is a constant reminder of what Franco did and wants nothing to do with it. She’s worried people will think of her as damaged.

Alexis says people will see Sam as strong and courageous having handled herself with grace and dignity. Sam wonders what will happen when the article comes out and explains about the newspaper article. Alexis calls Diane who doesn’t think she can stop the story. Molly thinks it will be all over the internet and they decide to warn Kristina. Sam calls her dorm room, only to be told that Kristina left school weeks ago and took all her stuff.

Tea never shows up at the courthouse, but she isn’t needed. Starr is released and she thanks Todd for whatever he did. Sonny thanks Michael for what he did. Michael jokes that he’s good at perjury and must get that from Carly. He says he wants Sonny to be safe and Sonny assures him that he is and that someone important is being protected.

Starr thanks Michael, who asks if she knows that Todd blackmailed Sonny. He tells her that Todd knows for a fact who caused the accident.

Again, Monica asks Luke to help diffuse the Franco situation. Again he says he has other things to deal with, but refuses to tell her what. Tracy convinces Monica to rest and Monica agrees, but not before reminding Tracy to deal with the police that were snooping around. Luke and Tracy go back outside, only to find Anthony is gone.

Police stop Jason and arrest him for Franco’s murder.

Alexis lets Sonny know that Kristina is missing and wonders where his men were. Sonny says he backed them off, so Kris could have a normal life. As he’s calling his men and Alexis is calling the police, Kristina walks in.