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SOAP BYTES: Will Admits Betraying EJ on Days of Our Lives!

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Since Days of Our Lives was the only soap to air a new episode on Memorial Day, today’s Soap Bytes column will be a DAYS BYTES.

Will (Chandler Massey) revealed to EJ (James Scott) that Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) wanted him to make sure Rafe knew EJ had sex with Sami (Alison Sweeney). Will’s confession upset EJ, but the scene was another reminder of the great dynamic the two characters have developed. EJ seethed that Will was the reason he lost Nicole. Will apologized, saying he didn’t have a choice, but EJ wouldn’t hear it.

EJ stormed into the DiMera mansion and confronted Stefano about his betrayal. EJ claimed Stefano cost him the woman he loved, but Stefano told him he was trying to guide EJ in the right direction.  EJ told Stefano both he and Will are going to pay for their actions.

Stefano: “Tell me something. If you love Nicole so much, why did you cheat on her with Samantha?”

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Idiot Austin (Patrick Muldoon) was ecstatic about the upcoming arrival of his baby with Carrie (Christie Clarke), as Rafe (Galen Gering) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) stood by and watched uncomfortably.  Austin tried to settle his differences with Rafe in a kumbaya moment.  Rafe was upset about Carrie being pregnant with Austin’s baby. Nicole tried to give him hope that he still had a chance.

Later, Carrie and Rafe talked about the situation they now find themselves in.  Rafe said he couldn’t live with himself if he broke up a family. Carrie responded that she knew he was right, but “she couldn’t stop loving him.”  Where is a speeding Mac truck when you need one? The Austin, Carrie and Rafe triangle in unbearable.

Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) dropped by Abe (James Reynolds) and Lexie’s (Renee Jones) to be with, and support, their friends. They asked Abe how he was doing. He confessed to wondering how he was going to go on after Lexie was gone.  When Abe was out of the room, Lexie had Bope promise to not let Abe shut himself off after she’s gone. She asked them to be encouraging to Abe if he finds someone else to love and mend his broken heart.

The threats against Stefano’s life continued to pile up as more Salem residents wished The Phoenix dead.