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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis demands to know where Kristina has been and gets annoyed when Kris blocks her hug and gives her attitude. Kristina says she quit school because she didn’t belong. She accuses Sonny of pulling strings to get her in; threatening them with violence. Sonny says he only helped her get in as many parents do. He says it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Kristina says she’s done with all the lies and turns to Alexis, demanding to know if her mother knew what Sonny did.

Anna tells John about the mayor’s offer, but that she couldn’t take it because of Mac. John says she’s good at what she does. Anna points out that his time is running out. John wants an extension. Anna says her FBI contact said no, since it’s not an active case. John needs to let this one go and get back to Natalie and his son.

Matt tells Patrick and Liz the truth. He killed Lisa, but doesn’t remember it. Liz is shocked that Maxie is covering it up. Patrick offers to help his brother fight this. Matt appreciates the support.

Jason is brought into the Beaches Corner PD. He thinks McBain is behind it all. His one phone call is to Alexis, who’s too busy to pick up. He then calls Liz to help him out. Liz shows up with bail money from Bernie. Jason explains that they have nothing tying him to Franco’s murder, but John called it in and is coming after him to get to Sonny.

Mac’s thrilled that Maxie is being released. Once Matt gets to the courthouse, Mac goes off on him. Matt swears he wouldn’t have let Maxie take the fall if he remembered what happened.

Maxie is not happy to see Spinelli, who points out that she wouldn’t have lasted much longer locked up. Spinelli professes his undying love to Maxie and claims Matt is not the man for her. Maxie wonders if he did all this to get rid of the competition, but Spinelli swears he did to save her.

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Anna asks about John’s sister. He explains that on his deathbed, his father told him he’d had an affair and a daughter. He asked John not only to look out for her, but also not to tell the rest of the family. John explains using his bureau contacts to find her, working in a club in Atlantic City. John says she was in over her head and was dead before he was able to help her. He says Sonny is responsible.

Anna wonders if the vendetta is about the broken promise to his father. John questions her bitterness over Robin. Anna says it doesn’t drive her, but she does regret not spending more time with Robin for the sake of the job. He’s taking time away from his family. John tells her to take the commissioner job to keep him in line, but Anna says she can’t go back.

Maxie is brought to the courtroom to await the judge and apologizes to Patrick, who understands she was trying to protect Matt. Maxie says Matt was trying to protect Robin that night. The DA wants Maxie’s testimony against Matt. One of Alexis’ underlings shows up to insist that Maxie be released before testifying. Once that happens, the DA tells Maxie that she has thirty minutes and she wants time alone with Matt.

Sam doesn’t blame Alexis for using her influence and Sonny tells Kristina to stop disrespecting her parents like it’s a huge tragedy. Alexis says she was trying to improve Kris’s odds of getting in and Kristina wonders about her mother’s lectures of ethics and principles and asks if it was more important to get Kris into Yale or to get her away from Ethan or even Sonny’s violence.

Alexis says she wanted Kris to have a first class education. Kristina accuses them of making her look like a fool, that once student found out they called her mob princess and made her feel like a freak. Alexis asks where Kris went when she left school and Kristina says she went to a coffee shop and ran into a grad student who understood her and that they worked on a family project together. Molly asks if Kris is pregnant too but Kristina says she’ll get pregnant the right way, like Sam and Jason. She says she’s doing a reality show on their lives, called Mob Princess.

Liz sees the newspaper article and is shocked that someone would violate JaSam’s privacy and wonders who leaked it. Jason says it was John, but Liz wonders what he’d gain. Jason says John is coming after Sonny and anything else he can get. Liz points out that everyone will know now. Jason says he told Monica everything and is sure she’ll be fine. However, he wonders about Edward. Liz asks his feelings for the baby. Jason explains how Monica hated, then loved him and that the baby is innocent. Liz says there is nothing to hide now and JaSam can work things out.

Felicia thanks Spinelli for helping Maxie and understands that he loves her. Anna gets to the courthouse and Mac tells her that Maxie is out, but they are waiting for her to testify against Matt. He tells Anna that he was fired. Anna admits she knows and was offered the job but won’t take it. Mac tells her she should.

Anna tells Patrick that she isn’t going anywhere if he needs anything. The DA says if Maxie doesn’t return to testify, she’ll be in breach of agreement. Maxie shows up and says there’s been a change of plans. When Matt comes in, she says that she won’t be testifying, since a wife can’t testify against her husband.