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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis thinks Kristina is joking about the reality show, but Kristina assures them it’s real and they will all participate. Sam doesn’t want any more media exposure. She warns Kris that she’ll regret this. Sonny tells Kris to lose the attitude, because he’s not sorry he called in favors. Alexis says they had the best of intentions. Kristina says they don’t control her anymore. Sonny isn’t putting his family on live TV. A camera crew shows up, ready to film.

Everyone in the courthouse is shocked by Maxie’s declaration of marriage, but Maxie’s more concerned about the DA dropping all charges. She claims there’s no case without a witness. The DA admits that a married woman can’t be compelled to testify and says Maxie’s release agreement stands. He also admits he won’t move forward with murder charges against Matt.  He warns Maxie that he’ll expose her fake marriage and make her pay for her deception.

Tracy wonders where her dead husband is and questions whether he was really dead. Luke is sure that Anthony was dead. He figures someone moved the body. The two accuse each other again of the murder, but Tracy swears on her mother’s life that she didn’t. Luke swears on his kid’s. Tracy wonders if they didn’t do it, who did.

Johnny wonders why Anthony’s death hasn’t been reported yet, since he called in the anonymous tip. Ghost Anthony accuses Johnny of always messing things up. Johnny says so many people wanted his grandfather dead. Luke and Tracy are the perfect scapegoats.

Delores tells Dante about the blood in the Q boathouse. Dante gets his search warrant for Johnny’s apartment. Johnny’s almost happy to see Dante show up, until he realizes the cops are there about the car accident. Johnny says he had nothing to do with it and that Dante should look at Tracy and Luke.

Jason accuse John of calling in the anonymous tip about Franco, but John denies it. He points out that Jason is a reasonable suspect. Jason accuses John of spending time with Sam, even though he’s after Sonny. John mentions his dead sister, which Jason claims Sonny isn’t responsible for. John says Jason is protecting a murderer. Jason wonders if john wants him out of the way so he can get to Sonny or Sam.

The camera is rolling and Kristina introduces the television world to her colorful family. Alexis threatens injunctions and law suits. Kris points out her father and mentions the car bomb. She then introduces both sisters and how Alexis got knocked up by mob brothers. Kristina talks of her brothers and how Sonny shot Dante. Sonny screams at the camera to stop rolling and knocks it down.

Sam tells Kristina to stop this. Alexis checks her phone, gets the message from Jason and tells Sam, who heads out. Alexis says she won’t allow the show to happen, but Kristina warns that she’ll leave otherwise. Kristina asks Molly if she’s angry. Molly accuses her of not caring about anyone else, but herself. Sonny tells Alexis that the show must be stopped, but Alexis is worried Kris will leave and that you don’t walk out on someone you love.

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Tracy thinks Sonny killed Anthony, but Luke doesn’t think Sonny would have dumped the body in the Q boathouse and certainly would have left a calling card. Tracy realizes she doesn’t care, since whoever killed Anthony did her a favor. Luke reminds her that they still have the murder weapon and they need to get rid of it.

Johnny tells Dante that Anthony was worried Tracy was trying to kill him, so he tried to help. Delores finds Anthony’s phone. Dante asks where Anthony is, but Johnny says he got a text and left in a hurry. Dante checks the phone and sees that the text was from Tracy to meet at the boathouse. Delores points out that they found blood at the boathouse and Johnny wonders about Anthony, but Delores says she saw him sleeping on the terrace.

Dante gets a call from the lab that the blood was Anthony’s. Johnny says Anthony wasn’t sleeping but must have been dead, that Tracy and Luke killed him.

John tells Jason that Sam loves him and that Jason is making more of this than he should. He'll lose the best thing he has. Jason warns him to quit interfering in their lives. John counters for Jason to stay out of his way with Sonny. Jason points out that john’s time is running out.

Sam runs into Jason and asks about the arrest. Jason says it was courtesy of John. He explains Liz bringing the bail money, since he didn’t want Sam involved. Sam doesn’t believe John would have done that, but Jason reminds her that john is a cop and that she can’t’ trust him.

Maxie wants everyone to be happy for her and her choice to marry Matt. Patrick asks Matt if this is right. Matt says he can do good for his patients, his brother and that he loves Maxie.

Spinelli tells Maxie that she should have told the truth, and kept her bargain. Maxie says she did what she had to do. Spin says she can back out if she wants, but Maxie says she loves Matt. Spin says she thinks she’s supposed to love him, but that she fears marriage. He doesn’t want her to be unhappy. Maxie says no, he doesn’t want her happy with someone other than him. Spin says she deserves a real wedding with a husband who loves her.

Spinelli wonders if Felicia and Mac can get through to Maxie, but neither will. Mac says he’s glad Maxie is out of jail and just wants her happy. Spin appeals to Patrick, but he says his brother has his blessing.

Johnny hopes he led the police in the right direction, but ghost Anthony points out that Tracy and Luke didn’t kill him. They know it and eventually, so will the cops.

Dante and Delores show up as Luke is about to throw the gun in the water and arrests them both for suspicion of foul play in the disappearance of Anthony.